3 Days Dubai Tour Package – Enjoy a Glorious Stay in the Royal City

3 days dubai tour package

3 days Dubai tour package is what most people are looking for. It’s a deal that allows you to stay in one of the most beautiful and modern hotels of the world for a week. With a 3 days Dubai tour package, you will be able to see the amazing sights of the city during the days and take a short break to the desert on the last day. You will return to Dubai rejuvenated and full of energy to start your business in the city. You can choose between a flight to Dubai or take a bus to the city.

Dubai Packages Usually Include A Visit To Al Maktoum Street

Each Dubai tour package comes with different activities and facilities depending on what you choose. You can spend a full day at the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings, overlooking the waterfront and walking along the beach. During the afternoons you can visit some of the museums and galleries in the city and have dinner and drinks at one of the world famous restaurants of Dubai. You will be amazed by the variety of attractions and activities offered during the Dubai package tour.

The Dubai packages usually include a visit to Al Maktoum Street, where you will get to see the beautiful houses and buildings set against the stunning background of the mountains and the waters of the Persian Gulf. You can also visit the Al Boom Tourist Village, which is located under the Al Boom Mountains. During this tour you will get to experience the traditional Souks that are still being operated even in this modern time. The souks are full of traditional handicrafts and the visitors can buy second hand goods from the traders in the village.

The City That You Can Visit To Enjoy A Perfect Day Out

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Each of these packages includes a day or two sightseeing in the city. There are various places in the city that you can visit to enjoy a perfect day out. The most popular sightseeing spots are the Al Boom District and Downtown Dubai. These are places that have undergone several changes in order to accommodate all the newcomers into the city.

Al Boom District is considered as the most modern and lively part of the city. It is where the Dubai Shopping Festival is held each year. During the festival you will get to enjoy over a thousand different shops selling everything from fresh vegetables to clothes. The souks also feature exclusive designer items and some of them have been operating for several decades. If you want to shop till you drop then the best time to shop is during the Friday and Saturday when the city is buzzing with activity.

Several High- Rise Towers That Showcase Both The Beauty And The Business

Downtown Dubai is an area of the city which is considered to be the financial centre of the city. The city has several high-rise towers that showcase both the beauty and the business of this part of the world. This part of the city is completely different from the other parts of the city. The residents here are very friendly and the tourists have absolutely no problem in enjoying their company. You can spend your whole day at the beach in this part of the city as well.

If you want to experience a different type of shopping then you should go for Gold Souk. This is the biggest open air market that takes place in the city. The huge collection of gold, silver, gemstones and other precious stones is amazing. If you want to buy something exclusive then you can always go for Designer Outlet.

Summing Up

All these mentioned attractions will not be available if you choose to go for a typical tourist package to Dubai. If you want to enjoy all the above mentioned attractions in Dubai then you need to opt for a 3-day Dubai tour package. These tour packages are not expensive and are a lot more affordable than the other tourist attractions. You will not have to worry about accommodation arrangements or food either. If you book Dubai packages online, you can avail discounts up to 75 percent on the price of your accommodation and dining. So, it is better to go for a Dubai tour package rather than a typical tourist destination tour.

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