6 Dubai Travel Tips For First-Time Travelers

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There was a time when Dubai barely existed in the minds of travelers. Today, this middle-eastern country has become of the most sought-after destinations for globe trotters. From constructing the world’s tallest building to opening one-of-a-kind water parks, the city has developed itself so beautifully so as to fit the needs of every traveler. If you are thinking to cherish the beauty of this fantasy land, follow our Dubai travel tips and make your first trip a total blast!

Know The Ideal Time To Travel To Dubai

The summer season in Dubai that spans from late April to the first week of October is hot and humid and hence should be avoided for traveling purposes. Winters, on the other hand, span from November to March and sees comfortable weather. However, you should avoid late December to mid-February due to skyrocketing flight and hotel prices and a massive crowd.

Dubai Travel Tips for travelers.
6 Dubai Travel Tips For First-Time Travelers

Pack The Right Clothes

The rules for dressing in Dubai call for modesty and hence should be taken utmost care of. So, women should avoid revealing and tight outfits. Do not wear shorts, sleeveless outfits, and short skirts during your Dubai tour. Women travelers can, however, wear pants, jeans, long dresses, short-sleeve or full-sleeve tops, and t-shirts. For a beach, full bikinis with cover-ups are advisable.

Learn About The Dubai Airport 

The Dubai International Airport, just like any other international airport, is vast. It has three major international terminals for arrivals and departure. As the airport is huge and crowded at times, it will take time to go through all the formalities and reach your hotel. It is also advisable to reach the airport an hour or so in advance on the way back to your homeland.

Choose The Right Transportation Mode 

There are many modes of transport to reach the hotel and getting around the city. You can reach your hotel via a metro that’s affordable and fast. Bus travels cost more than metros and will also take double the time. You can also hire an airport taxi to reach your destination in no time. However, traveling in a taxi is an expensive way to tour the city. Travelers can also rent a car and see the majestic city. But make sure to know Dubai’s traffic rules before you think of renting a car.

Tip: Dubai is not for pedestrians so exploring it on foot won’t please you at all.

Shop Wisely

Shopping lovers should always plan their trip during shopping festivals to enjoy hefty discounts, especially on international brands. If you are shopping gold, do compare the prices from various shops and then settle for the best price. Pay in cash for expensive items/goods as credit card payments are costlier. Further, purchase your electronics from the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition that is held annually in Dubai.

Enjoy Dubai’s Nightlife

Dubai Travel Tips For First-Time Travelers
6 Dubai Travel Tips For First-Time Travelers

Nightlife in most countries is lit and Dubai is no exception. The middle-eastern country has a plethora of nightclubs, bars, etc. to enjoy the night. The night clubs in Dubai shut down at 3:00 AM and most do not permit alcohol to people below 21 years of age. Not to mention, visitors can’t consume alcohol outside the bars/restaurants.

If you are a woman who is traveling solo, consider these Dubai travel tips:

  • Dress as per Dubai tradition.
  • Do not travel or roam after dark.
  • Avoid meeting men and going to clubs and bars.
  • Do not consume alcohol outside your hotel room.
  • Keep emergency numbers always with you.

Follow these Dubai travel tips. Also, make sure you are aware of some Dubai travel safety tips to experience a safe and comfortable journey.

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