Amazing Things To Do In Dubai For A Memorable Holiday

Memorable Holiday

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the finest holiday destinations in the world. With its splendid array of hotel and accommodation options, Dubai travel packages can be an ideal choice for a romantic or honeymoon holiday. As in most countries, there are numerous tourist activities that attract millions of visitors and give a memorable holiday.

If you want to explore the very best in entertainment and to have fun with your family, Dubai is the place to be. Some of the best entertainment venues for entertainment lovers are The Palm, Al Minbar, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Art City, etc. You can choose from different types of entertainment from showbiz acts, theatre, and opera to shows and concerts. Whether you are looking for restaurants or drink-sessions, Dubai packages will make it all happen.

Dubai Packages
Dubai Packages

At Dubai Museum

Tourists can also be entertained at the Dubai Museum, featuring an impressive collection of architectural structures and artifacts. Its four-story National Museum of the Arab Republic of Egypt is named after the monuments of ancient Egypt. The Oriental Theater at Al Mamzar is a wonder of Egyptian theatre and offers spectacular performances by world-class actors and actresses. The splendid recreation of the region’s past is evident in the beautiful dome of the Al Futtaim Mosque, the house of Abu Dhabi’s founder.

Apart from its impressive collections, Dubai Museum also offers wonderful architectural highlights, such as the Intercontinental Hotel, with its geometrical shape. It houses an exhibition of works of various architects, including Sir Peter Paul Rubens, and the A1 Club, where you can find exotic cruise boats. This gallery can also be visited on your Dubai package.

Dubai is also known for the spectacular nightly fireworks, which are breathtakingly brilliant as they flash in and out of existence, rising up above the water and vanishing on the horizon. You can even take a great photo of the lights, which will then be posted on your Facebook page.

At Casino

At Dubai Marina, there is a huge casino, Sun City, which is unique to the city. Here, one can enjoy playing poker and blackjack. And if you prefer, you can take part in an interactive game of Monopoly or a game of live poker.

Every night at Jumeirah Beach Residence, you can see the stars go out like no other. Here, you can walk or have a ride in the moonlight carriage. After dusk, you can also dance under the starlight on the promenade.

The Marina Leisure Complex

The Marina Leisure Complex on Dubai Creek is a truly awe-inspiring place. Here, you can enjoy the water, sports, and other activities. You can also take part in a kite-flying contest, where the victor gets to fly high above the spectators.

Amazing Things To Do In Dubai For A Memorable Holiday
Amazing Things To Do In Dubai For A Memorable Holiday

Along the Dubai Creek, a magnificent structure stands as a monument to the never-ending wave of man and civilization. Here, you can be blessed with a guided tour of some of the most extraordinary spots of the city. For instance, Emirates Hills, Al-Masjid, Dubai Pyramid, and the Dubai Fountain.

In addition to this, Dubai holiday packages also include other attractions like the Palm Jumeirah. Here, you can view the graceful palm trees that were planted during the Hajj.

Final Thoughts

If you want a change of place from the usual, go for a place called the Resorts World. Here, you can find all sorts of things to keep you busy. There is even a cinema here, where you can watch DVDs of your favorite Hollywood movies and other videos.

Because of Dubai’s amazing range of activities, Dubai memorable holiday packages are popularly chosen by tourists from all over the world. So, when you make your holiday plans, go to Dubai.

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