An Ultimate Guide To A Round Trip To Dubai

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Dubai is used as a stopover destination by most people as they spend a night or two then fly on what to their final destination. Seen as Vegas in the desert, Dubai is a very surprising place to have a lot of fun as its popular image does not accurately portray the depth of the city. You will find it trapped between old and new with a conservative culture at the same time middle-eastern Vegas. A lot more than a stopover is deserved by Dubai as it is a very fascinating and multicultural city. You will be able to make most of your visit while you have to save your money with the help of this travel guide to Dubai. We have listed below a few guidelines to help you out with the round trip to Dubai.

1.  Things which you will see in Dubai-

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You can go visit the Marina area which is surrounded by tall buildings and is made up of a beautiful scenic board hall. You will find several beautiful candle bars, fancy boats, and restaurants. You should visit Pier 7 restaurant which is made up of seven floors with a bar on the water. You will witness the malls in Dubai which are very different from malls in other parts of the world. You will see 65 malls in the City. You should visit Dubai mall and the mall of the Emirates where you will find several things to do. If you are visiting Dubai then you must visit this Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is located near Abu Dhabi. The mosque was built around 1996 to 2007 which covers the surrounding area of over 30 acres. It is made up of an all-white appearance which gives a very majestic appearance. You should also explore old Dubai which used to be the markets. You also need to visit the Jumeirah Mosque which was opened in 1979 built Fatimid style and consists of one large room. If you are visiting Dubai then you should go deep-sea fishing. There are a lot of other places where you can visit once you reach Dubai as Dubai is a very splendid place.

2.  Typical Cost-

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You can stay in a hotel, cook all your meals, take public transportation to get around, skip drinking and you must do free activities with a canon packet budget of 268 AED. You need to add 40 to 88 per extra day if you plan on drinking. You can stay in a cheap hotel on Airbnb, you can eat in cheap restaurants, can have a couple of drinks, you can even take an occasional taxi to get around, and even get a couple of paid attractions on a mid-range budget of 778 AED. You can stay in a fancy hotel, you can eat for every meal you can drink as much as you would like, you can go for a brunch, you can take a payday, you can visit Burj Khalifa, and can even rent a car for Sunday trip if used a luxury budget 1425 AED.

3.  Tips For Saving Money-

●  You will find several discounts because Groupon is used in Dubai. You will find a 2 for 1 special deal on the website.

●  You should get the magazine known as the entertainer which offers discounts and specials all restaurants, hotels, and activities. You need to pick up a copy of this magazine when you drive to Dubai. It is very inexpensive but you can even find an app that offers  50% off a letter-free trial.

●  You can plan your drinking booze to avoid this as Dubai is full of Happy Hour. You should keep the booze outside the Happy Hours because drinking in Dubai can sometimes be expensive.

●  You should step away from the hotels, the mall’s infancy. If you want to save on your money you should go for eating in old Dubai.

●  You need to take accommodation near the metro if you don’t want to waste your money on renting a car or using private transportation.

●  Tap water is very safe in Dubai so you can save money by bringing a reusable water bottle.


We have listed above a few tips for having a round trip in Dubai. If you want to know more such tips, stay tuned.

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