An Ultimate Guide To Dubai Travel Ban – Know About All The Safety Measures

dubai travel ban

Dubai is extremely popular for sightseeing attractions like the shopping mall, Burj khalifa. Dubai is known for nightlife scenes, luxury shopping, and modern architecture. Tourism and real estate drive the economy. Many people are depressed due to the Dubai travel ban because of coronavirus. Spending some time in Dubai can surely give you an unforgettable experience. Dubai was a small town, but 50 years ago, it developed into an amazing and vibrant city. Tourism, construction, and banking have contributed a lot to Dubai’s wealth. Dubai is a very popular and prestigious tourist attraction. So, what will happen if the Dubai travel ban? It would affect many people. At the beginning of the coronavirus phase, there were many restrictions and rules for Dubai travel. But now Dubai has joined the ‘red-list’ of the UK. This step is causing problems to many travelers who want to return from the UAE. If they want to return, they have to travel through any third country.

Know Everything About Dubai Travel Ban – What Happened And What To Do

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DHA (Dubai Health Authority) has issued a recent circular which says that all the visitors and residents who have come in contact with the Covid-19 patients of Dubai have to undergo isolation for ten days. Even if visitors and residents do not have any symptoms, those who have any symptoms must undergo 14 days of isolation.

Residents of UAE do not have to submit any negative report of Covid-19 on their arrival but have to take a Covid-19 PCR test on their arrival in Dubai. Residents need to take two tests when they arrive in Dubai and the other at the departure.

You need to have a printed, official certificate in Arabic or English at the time of check-in. Air officials will not accept any digital certificate or SMS. Your negative Covid-19 test must be valid for 96 hours from the test date. You may have to bring other test certificates like antibody tests. Remember that any home testing kits will not be accepted in Dubai.

Passengers having severe or moderate disabilities do not require a test. Also, children younger than 12 are exempt from the test. You should check before traveling if there are any specific test exemptions at your final destination or in your country.

If you are thinking of Dubai travel, right now, almost every sector in Dubai, such as public beaches, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, and temples, are available. to take care of your security, Dubai authorities have also launched a stamp called ‘the Dubai Assured stamp.’ This stamp is for every restaurant, hotel, beverage, and food establishment. It ensures that the company is following all safety measures.


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You already know that Dubai has joined the ‘red-list’ of the UK, making people think about the Dubai travel ban. If you are traveling to Dubai, you need to follow all the rules mentioned above.

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