Baby Travel Essentials For Every Journey + Baby Packing Checklist

Travel Essentials For Baby

Travelling with babies can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. The secret to an exciting and memorable vacation with your tots is to make sure you have everything your baby may need. Are wondering about what to put in your baby’s bag to ensure both of you are comfortable? To save you the Travel essentials for the baby hassle of planning on what to carry, here’s a complete tip for easy family travel packing. On the positive side, infants actually make good travel companions.  They grumble and manoeuvre about much less than toddlers. They don’t need to have their own bed, you don’t need a separate plane ticket.

Baby Travel Essentials Kit
Baby Travel Essentials Kit

 Baby Travel Essentials: A Baby Carrier

Yeas you heard it, a baby carrier. It tops our list as the most essential baby travel item basically because having the ability to walk hands-free through people, upstairs, on and off community transport, relieves you the weight. This makes a baby carrier so vital when travelling with your baby.

Baby Travel Essentials: Nursing Cover 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most Travel essentials for baby treasures a woman has ever created over the years. While my tablecloth is my Bebe au Lait breastfeeding tablecloth, which comes in lots of amazing colours and patterns, you can also find many, many covers. I love the subtle, silky black colour that allows me to safely breastfeed in public almost anywhere in the world.

Baby Travel Essentials: Quick Diaper Change Kit 

If you have not yet gotten yourself a fairly simple grab diaper/nappy change set up, it’s time to get one!  Taking a whole diaper bag right into a plane toilet is cumbersome and agonizingly heavy. – not to talk about some of the weird and fantastic places you may possibly find yourself wanting to squat for diaper changes during a travelling adventure.

Baby Travel Essentials: Packing Cubes

It is likely that most people do not use packing cubes. I had heard about them but then I was hesitant until I saw them with a friend . Packing cubes makes organizing a suitcase much easier. We constantly split our clothing between 2 or 3 cases, in cases where one go missing, so this will help keep us all organized.

A Baby Sleeping Bag

This is another essential time you should consider to add to your travelling with a baby checklist. A baby sleeping will help in keeping your baby used to the familiar home environment and also more comfortable when in the bassinet, or even on your lap.

Baby Travel Essentials Guide
Baby Travel Essentials Guide

Extra Wrap Or Light Blanket And A Few Safety Pins

This is especially useful when you are in a pool chair and the overhead monitor reflects a lot of light on your sleeping baby, or when your baby is sleeping and the lights in the cabin are on for dinner. If the Basset Hound seat is not available, create a “tag” with your seat and base in front of you. Use pegs to fasten the blanket to the seat so your baby can relax from the bright cabin lights.


Are you planning to travel with your kids this holiday? Whether you are going via plane, train, bus or car or via a cruise ship, these a few Travel essentials for baby you’re going to keep in mind, if you want the trip to be exciting, fun and smooth.

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