Best Asian Countries To Travel To

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The best Asian countries to travel in according to a tour organizer are India, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. These are all emerging as economic tigers in the current economic scenario. India is emerging as a developed economy while Thailand is emerging as an Asian super power. The three countries share similar social structures and a mix of the urban and rural cultures. Tour organizers believe that India will remain the most popular destination for tourists in the coming years.

Best Asian Countries

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The first best Asian countries to travel on a budget. Visitors come to India to study the ancient art and architecture or the mysterious yet mesmerizing mysticism of the land. India offers an amazing blend of geographical marvels like the Taj Mahal along with the sultry beaches of the country and the green pastures of the forests and alpine villages. The green vestiges of British rule can still be seen in the local architecture. One should visit to the lovely hill stations like Shimla and Kullu Manali.

Runtown, formerly known as Vasco Da Gama, is an ancient Hindu religious center in India. It is also considered to be the birth place of Lord Indra and it is famous for its hill station villages and beautiful lakes. Runtown is set amid thick forest and is surrounded by striking mountains that offer a spectacular view of the blue waters of Vembanad Lake. There are many inexpensive flights to India from London and other major cities through out the UK and you will be able to save some money by using visa by vietnam’s travel advisory agency, remiabdulsamad.

The second best Asian countries to travel on a budget. visit Phuket or Krabi- a region located in southern Thailand. Phuket has stunning white sandy beaches, wonderful diving locations, abundant seafood, adventurous water sports, and magnificent tropical jungles. Krabi is well known for its high quality produce. It is also an excellent location to explore the rich historical heritage of Thailand.

No discussion on the best Asian countries to travel to Africa would be complete without mentioning Zimbabwe. Zim is an incredible safari destination with huge reserves of wildlife. There are several inexpensive flights to Canada and the US from London and other major cities throughout the UK. Cheap airline tickets to Africa can be purchased for as little as twenty dollars US dollars. Cheap Canadian airline tickets can be purchased for as little as twenty five dollars.

Tanzania is another great choice for cheap flights to Africa. The country is home to some magnificent scenery such as majestic hills and deserts, rivers, lakes and coral reefs. Tanzania offers some of the finest beach resorts in Africa and the most popular and convenient hotel stay options include lodges and hotels that are often cheaper than any other lodging option.

Kenya has many different options when it comes to accommodation. Some of the best hotels can be found in Mombasa along with beach hotels and hostels. The capital city, Nairobi, offers a wide range of cheap flights to Kenya once you have made your decision to travel to the African nation.

End note

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When planning your trip to Kenya, you will need to determine your visa status and related requirements. The cost of the visa can vary from country to country. You can obtain visa information at the visa office in Nairobi or at the offices of the visa vendors in Mombasa. There are many visa vendors operating online and offering discount visa rates. You can compare the rates and details of the various options before arriving at a decision. No matter where you choose to travel to in Kenya, whether in Mombasa or Nairobi, you will find a great selection of hotels, beach hotels and hostels.

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