Best Places To Visit During Dubai Desert Tour

dubai desert tour

The journey begins by taking you to the campground, where the Dubai vacation packages are opening. The drive will be allocated to 4-wheel drivers, camels, hot air balloons, or even camels.

Types Of Desert Safari Tours In Dubai

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There are several different sorts of Desert Safari Dubai excursions to choose from. So take your time to find the perfect Dubai vacation for you. You can even go on all of the excursions if your calendar allows it:

1. The Morning Desert Safari

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To begin, this is the first trip that caters to those with hectic schedules. If you don’t have time for an evening safari, the morning safari will suffice.

Visitors may enjoy the first rays of sunlight in the cold morning temperatures, which provide a spectacular view of the dawn. Starting at daybreak, you may participate in a variety of activities, including hot air balloon flights, quad bikes, animal viewing, and thrilling camel rides. You should not restrict yourself; sand skiing and sandboarding are other options. The morning safari might vary depending on your trip package, however, most guests can expect a 2-hour journey from various providers.

2. Evening Desert Safari

If you want to make memories that will last a lifetime, here is the place to be. Then going on this journey would be the greatest option. The Evening Desert Safari showcases Dubai at its finest, with the sunbeams of sunset providing the ideal backdrop for the best photos. This package also includes activities like dune bashing and hot air balloon flights, allowing guests to make the most of the dusk.

When arranging your Dubai Travel and the Desert Safari, make sure you take your camera with you.

3. The 4×4 Desert Safari

Dubai City is a veritable treasure trove of sights and activities. In general, the safari is more than an adventure and you may be experiencing an incredible experience while still on the point.

There are various activities to discover after you get to the event location in the desert by 4×4 vehicle. Camel riding, for example, is a must-do experience on this type of trip. Riding an ATV alone is exciting, as is having henna put on your hands for a change of pace.

When compared to riding a camel into the desert, traveling by 4×4 wheel is faster. These vehicles, however, have restricted capabilities and may be unable to reach some locations.

4. Overnight Desert Safari

The night sky is all you need to see for a profitable trip in the Arabian Desert. As a result, bring your camera along to snap some photos of this magnificent sight.

It is also the perfect time for some fun at night. You may enjoy seeing a belly dancer perform while also having fun with your pals in many ways. 

5. Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

The only tip that gives tourists a bird’s eye perspective of the desert is the Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari.

The safari can seat up to 24 people and includes a professional pilot who operates the balloon as well as a guide who tells stories about Dubai’s history and current attractions.

You may snap photographs of the dunes and enjoy the wonderful scenery as you climb up high. Furthermore, tourists are transported to the ground to participate in various desert activities.


Plan your trip to Dubai and enjoy a diverse range of activities, attractions, and places to visit in a schedule that is precisely customized to your preferences and plans. Get the most authentic Arabian Golf experience with the City of Gold, in the Dubai Desert, with Memphis Tours Dubai!

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