Best Places To Visit In Dubai By Trip Advisors

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You may wonder why people talk so much about Dubai, what is so special in Dubai, well you will get all the answers. According to stats, Dubai is the fourth most viewed place in the world. Dubai is famous for its architecture and huge skyscrapers. You can find one of the best spas and resorts in Dubai, as it has one of the most luxurious hotel companies. Dubai can never stop growing. Every time you visit Dubai, you will see something new over there. How can people forget about palm beach and Burj Khalifa, which is the most favorite tourist attraction in Dubai? You can find everything you want in Dubai, like monuments, skyscrapers, cultural shows, and huge markets for shopping. If you want to explore the whole of Dubai, you may need at least two weeks, and still, you will not be satisfied. Let us check out and find some of the best places to visit in Dubai by trip advisors, which you should not miss.

Dubai miracle garden; a trip to Dubai by trip advisors

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Miracle Garden in Dubai is the world’s largest flower garden. Once you visit there, you cannot believe if you are in reality or heaven. The miracle garden is one of Dubai’s most famous tourist attractions, and people love to visit it here. Click some of the best photos and post them on your social media in this garden. There are around 109 million flowers in this miracle garden which makes it so special. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, you would probably visit this place or add this place to your wishlist.

Bastakiya; Best Places To Visit In Dubai By Trip Advisors

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You may have seen the modern side of Dubai on social media, but this city has different vibes. Bastakiya is an old and traditional town of Dubai, which is located near al Rashidi fort. In this city, you can learn a lot about the Arabian culture and admire it. You will see the old wooden doors, house, and white mosque, which visits something different in Dubai. If you are a religious person, you would love to visit and explore this old city of Dubai. However, the city of Bastakiya opens only three days a week Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Dubai Aquarium

If you love shopping for expensive goods, you have to visit the Dubai Mall. Inside the Dubai mall, there is an indoor aquarium, which is a tourist attraction. This aquarium has more than 140 species of aquatic animal and a 48-meter tunnel inside that aquarium. Moreover, you can even go shark diving and other activities for the adventure.


You can visit the global village, Dubai opera, bur Dubai grand mosque, and other famous places. In the end, Dubai is a huge place, and there are a lot of places which you can explore, so be ready and have a happy journey to Dubai.

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