Camel Tour Dubai – Lets Check Out The excitement In Camel Tours

camel tour dubai

The most traditional way to roam around the deserts of Dubai is a Camel Safari. Needless to say, how camels were used to carry items of baggage and people in the ancient ages. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, so many riding vehicles have been invented. But no motorbikes or vehicles specifically designed to ride on the sands can match the thrilling experience of a camel safari. The camel tour of Dubai is about 45-50 minutes. The journey in the back of a camel will ultimately lead you to a falcon show by following the footsteps of Bedouin travelers. Dubai is known for its magnificence and technology. But the deserts, although filled with sands, adds more refinement to the city. One can totally satisfy his eyes by observing the beautiful sunsets from the desert. Why camels are the most convenient and popular form of transportation in Dubai deserts is because this animal can live for days without eating and drinking. People from the variant corner of the world visit this city to just have a ride on a camel’s back. People go crazy about it.

Camel Tour Dubai And Types

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There are two types Morning camel safari: the journey starts in the early morning from the desert. Guides are always available to help you to get a memorable yet exciting experience amidst the sands. Evening camel safari: you will get to observe a lot of desert activities during the journey. Those activities include sandboarding, henna painting on hands, smoking of hookah, etc. The evening wind will also calm down and refresh your mind. Besides these, a show of belly dancing is organized in the evening time to entertain the tourists. Midday camel safaris are not available because of the high temperature in the desert at day time. Since sand absorbs heat too quickly and releases slowly, therefore, camel safaris at noon is not recommendable.

Cost Of Camel Tour Dubai

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Camel safari in Dubai costs a bit more, but the experience you get completely worth every penny you spend from your pocket. The complete package of camel safari costs around 12000 to 13000 Rs. In the package, not only is camel riding included, but other desert activities are also added.


In the United Arab Emirates, several companies are available that offer camel safari services. You can check on Google and purchase your package of camel tour. There are actually a lot of packages available. You can scroll through them and choose the best one according to your interest. You should not be worried about anything because the guide will ensure your utmost safety. Also, proper animal care guidelines are followed by every company offering camel safari services. In one line, camel tour Dubai is a good-to-go option to have some fun in the lifeless sandy deserts.

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