Can Dubai Residents Travel To Qatar?

Can Dubai Resident Travel To Qatar

Most Dubai residents find it hard to travel to Qatar. The diplomatic Qatar crisis started in June 2017 involving many people of central-eastern countries, including Egypt, the United Arab Emirates Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. It severed their diplomatic ties with Qatar state in an agreement against Qatar’s ‘interference in the domestic politics of neighboring countries’, and ‘support for terrorist organizations.’ Therefore, after these issues, it is quite difficult for Dubai residents to travel to Qatar.

Several countries expressed their relationship with Qatar differently; another took imposed restrictions and an active approach to the movement of particulars. The crisis resulted in restrictions on mobility people within the gulf.

Can Dubai Resident Travel To Qatar – What’s It All About?
Can Dubai Residents Travel To Qatar?

Can Dubai Resident Travel To Qatar?

Six months since the Qatar crisis started, and it appears the condition is far from being sort out:

  • The airspace of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia remain closed from Qatar, though more than seven emergency corridors exist.
  • Travel bans continue to residents and impact citizens of the country.
  • Marine and land borders with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain remain closed.
  • Essential embassies in the region also stay closed, including the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha.
  • Moreover, the relationship between Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait remains unchanged.

Few Immigration Updates

July 2017 – The development of Qatar visas initiated by Qatar on program arrival offers entry to over 70 nationalities.

August 2017 – Diplomatic Qatar resorted to its ties with Iran.

August 2017 – Updated visas of Qatar for a program of arrival to over 80 nationalities.

November 2017 – Entry visa imposed by Bahrain for Qatar citizens.

What Are The Existing Restrictions Traveling To Qatar?

  • Citizens of Saudi Arabia are not banned to enter Qatar by the Qatar state but they are forbidden to travel by their governments to Qatar.
  • Foreign nationals holding permission of residents issued by Saudi Arabia can take visitor visas to Qatar for GCC residents. Additionally, they can also travel based on other categories of visas without any restrictions.
  • Egyptians nationals are not applicable for any visa’s category for Qatar

Few Exceptions In Qatar For Dubai

The government of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have passed their directives to take into consideration the humanitarian condition of families with Qatari ties. Moreover, they aim to provide more travel benefits to specific countries at their health and discretion. The following numbers of telephone have declared for affected specific. Various contact the concern authorities to discuss their condition:

  • (+966) 112-409-111 – Saudi Arabia
  • (+973) 173-99-821 – Bahrain
  • (+971) 800-26-26 – UAE
Can Dubai Resident Travel To Qatar – What’s It All About?
Can Dubai Residents Travel To Qatar?

The Effect Of This Crisis On The Region’s Entrepreneurship

  • Closing the borders has made both export and import of goods developed to and from Qatar involving construction supplies, courier parcels, and food very difficult.
  • Qatari investors and businessmen, including owners of the property, banned from developing in the blocking countries.
  • Travel time between blocking countries and Qatar has improved as a result of substantial direct flights; travelers need to travel via the third country, for example, Kuwait or Oman.
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