Complete guide about the Average Cost of a Trip to Dubai

average cost of a trip to dubai

Dubai is a city of the future with skyscrapers that are ready to touch the sky. There is no doubt that Dubai can be an expensive city to visit, you will be surprised to find out what an average cost of a trip to Dubai looks like. This Dubai guide will help you to find out the average cost of the trip. However, the estimates are based on a single traveller but if you want to travel as a couple, you have to increase the cost.

Here is the ultimate guide about the average cost of a trip to Dubai:

Dubai Cost Trip:

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A one week trip to Dubai costs around AED5,101 ($1386) for one person. Therefore, a trip to Dubai for two people cost double. Kids tickets are cheaper and hotels can be shared, so if you are travelling in a group or with family, the average cost of the trip decreases.

Hotel rooms budget in Dubai:

For one person the average cost for hotel room for a week is AED499 and for two people the average cost is double.

Average Food Budget in Dubai:

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Average Cost of Transportation in Dubai:

Public transportation significantly cost less than a taxi ride in Dubai. On local transportation in the past the travellers have sent an average cost AED38 per person. Other transportation prices include airport taxi and sea taxi.

Average Cost for Entertainment in Dubai:

AED56 per person a day is the average cost of entertainment in Dubai. This average cost includes fees paid for entry tickets of museums, tourist attractions, day tours etc.

Average cost for Tips and Brochure in Dubai:

AED6.50 per day is the average cost for tips and brochures in Dubai. 5% – 15% is the usual amount for tips in Dubai.

Average cost of Alcohol in Dubai:

In Dubai an average person spends about ADE66 on alcohol on a per day basis. This actual cost is from real travellers but in your case it is subject to vary based on your travel style.

Average cost of water budget in Dubai:

People spend AED3.62 on an average basis on bottled water in Dubai per day. Public water is considered safe to drink in Dubai.


Total average cost of a trip to Dubai is $2850 in US dollars. According to my estimates it’s about US $2850 for five nights and six days. The above mentioned prices are from real travellers and it may vary based on your travel style.

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