Dubai Tour Packages – The Best Time and Location to Visit the Destinations

dubai tour packages

If you are planning a vacation to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you should consider taking an all-inclusive Dubai tour packages. These packages offer you the convenience of traveling to Dubai without the need to plan your expenditures on individual travel expenses. You will only pay for the total airfare, accommodation, and food that you have taken in during the trip.

Tourist Visa For Dubai Citizens

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Indian citizens are eligible for a visa to travel to Dubai, which is also one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An extended visa is also available for thirty days, which can be extended if you wish to extend your stay in Dubai too. There are other rules applicable to these tourists, such as those related to employment. Indian nationals who hold an ordinary travel document like a normal passport must have a sponsor to obtain their visa for travel to Dubai, in addition to a return ticket. The Dubai tour packages make available many options to indulge in shopping in Dubai like never before.

Book Your Dubai Tour Packages

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Before choosing a travel agency or a particular airline to book your Dubai tour packages, it is important to check the details provided by the airlines and hotels. Make sure that the hotels you choose along with the transport services available are in compliance with the travel agency’s standards. As a visitor, you must be aware of the local customs that you will be faced with once you step out of the airport. So, having prior information about the customs regulation such as dress codes is important.

Almost everyone that travels to Dubai gets introduced to the world of tourist attractions when they check in at the Dubai international airport. Dubai houses the world’s tallest and fastest metro rail, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Dubai Grand Prix, and the indoor ski slope of the world. There is also a theme park with roller coasters, water parks, a race course, and a theme park that are absolutely amazing. It is amazing how such a small city can offer so much and still manage to draw millions of visitors every year. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Dubai for their Dubai tour packages.

If you are going to travel to Dubai on your Dubai tour packages, there is a good chance that you will also have the opportunity to visit the world famous Burj al Arab hotel on your way to the city. This massive structure stands in the centre of the desert in the UAE and looks like nothing more than a mountain. Once you get off the plane, this is something that you will want to see. Located right next to the Burj al Arab in the following day is the launch of what is considered to be the most modern airline in the world known as Emirates.


If you are looking for a retail mall in the city then you will have no trouble finding one in the city of Mumbai. There are many malls in and around the city of Mumbai and most of these malls offer special discounts and offers on their Dubai tour packages to visitors to help them enjoy a truly amazing holiday experience while visiting Mumbai. The best time and location to visit malls in and around Mumbai are during the months of November to March when there is a lot of traffic in and around the city of Mumbai.

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