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dubai tour visa

It is a must to carry out a detailed search of all the Dubai tour visa requirements. A tourist visa is required for all foreign nationals to visit the United Arab Emirates, or UAE. In addition, a visitor visa is also required for people who wish to work in the UAE.

Requirements For Foriegn Nationals

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However, there are several other requirements that are important for a foreign national who wishes to visit the country. These include the Passport and visa registration. If a foreign national does not have a valid passport or one that has been expired within the current twelve months, he/she will be unable to obtain a visa to the UAE.

On the other hand, if a foreign national is registered with the Dubai tourism and immigration authorities, he/she will be granted a tourist visa. It is necessary to note that a valid passport is essential for tourists, but it is not a prerequisite for a tourist visa. In this case, a valid visa number will be issued. However, the same tourist visa cannot be applied for more than three times. For example: if a foreign national obtained a tourist visa for a period of three years, then he/she can apply for another three years.

Importance Of Dubai Visa

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Taking a Dubai tour is not easy without having obtained a visa. If you wish to visit the emirate, all you need to do is to apply for a tourist visa. There are several ways by which you can apply for a visa. You can contact the concerned departments or embassies of the United Nations High Commission for Tourism (UNHCT) or the Department of State. In addition, the Dubai emirate government can also issue a visa.

After you have obtained a visa, you will have to comply with the rules and regulations of the emirate. These laws will require you to carry out a series of activities. Some of these are as under: a. Maintain a certain amount of monthly salary;

b. Maintain a certain amount of property owned by the foreign national. This property can be real estate owned in the United States or any other country. The value of this property will determine the repayment term of the loan. c. Maintain any necessary travel documents.


Before traveling outside the UAE, you should carry your passport along with one blank passport for yourself. This enables you to obtain a copy of your own passport in case of emergency. Besides this, you should also carry a copy of your family’s travel or immigration documents. This copy of the family members’ documents can be a proof of citizenship. Your foreign national might also require a proof of residence from you.

The above mentioned are only few of the many requirements that you may have to fulfill during your Dubai trip. There are many more requirements. You should always consult with your Dubai travel agents for a detailed list of requirements.

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