Dubai Tourist Attractions-Essential For Your Success!

Dubai Tourist Attractions

Dubai Tourist Attractions is not limited to the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline. Dubai is an enormous emirate and city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), home to a bustling nightlife, luxury shopping, and an ultra-modern architectural flair. Burj Khalifa is an eight hundred meter-high tower and the tallest manmade structure in the world. In its shadow lie Dubai’s iconic towers and the imposing desert fort of Al Maktoum. Also, discover the best Dubai attractions!

Places Included In The Dubai Tourist Attractions:

Amazing Dubai Tourist Attractions
Amazing Dubai Tourist Attractions

Across the Emirates from the famous Seven Mile Beach, there lies the desert oasis of the ancient Sharm El Sheikh district. Here, tourists can catch the dazzling, starry sky over the sea and stroll the sand dunes. This ancient oasis is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nearby is the Dubai Marina, where visitors can walk on water and watch the sea. Marina is the largest indoor water park in the world.

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel is one of the most famous in the Middle East. There are five-star accommodation options here such as the Marina Dubai, which boasts of a casino and five star restaurants. You can also find luxury villas in Al Boom district, which are ideal for couples or honeymoons.

The Dubai Museum is also a must see attraction, especially for families. Its collection is one of the largest in the region. The world famous Al Khor Water Park is another tourist spot worth visiting. It is the perfect setting for snorkeling.

A walk along the Sheikh Zayed Road is also a must do when you visit the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping area in the world. Here, you can pick up some great deals at the many stalls.

While you are in Dubai, you can also check out the Arabian Ranches, the largest and oldest water park in the world. The theme park is ideal for children and is also a great place to learn about animals.

Other Amazing Tourist Attractions:

Dubai, the capital of the UAE, also has plenty to offer for the animal lover in the family. The national aquarium and the world-famous Dubai Zoo are must-see places.

The Dubai Museum and the Al Boom Gardens are other must-visit tourist attractions while you are in Dubai. This city is home to the biggest indoor aquarium and one of the largest gardens in the world. With its amazing collection of exotic birds, reptiles and tropical plants, it is a perfect place to explore.

The Dubai Museum is also one of the best museums in the world. There are also the largest collections of traditional and contemporary Islamic art.

Shopping in Dubai is one of the best things about this beautiful city. There are many malls and shopping destinations including the Dubai Creek mall and the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The Dubai Creek mall has some of the most amazing shopping centres in the world. They include the Emirates Restaurant, the Dusit Market, and the Dubai Central Market. Other than that there are also the Dubai Grand Mall, The Dubai Marina Mall, The Emirates Towers and The Dubai Creek Dubai Shopping Centre.

Dubai’s Dubai Creek has shopping centres, beaches and parks as well as water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The Dubai Creek Mall also has some of the most amazing hotels in the world with the latest designer boutiques and restaurants. There are also beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity of the creek.

Sports Activities In Dubai:

Water Activities In Dubai Tourist Attractions
Water Activities In Dubai Tourist Attractions

There are also many water sports activities like scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing and windsurfing to be enjoyed by all visitors in the Dubai. A Dubai water park is also available to enjoy these sports.

The Dubai Creek has a number of historical monuments. It is one of the oldest rivers in the world and is said to have been used by the ancient Egyptians in ancient times.

While you are in Dubai, you can take pleasure in the fascinating traditional markets where you will find a lot of souvenirs to buy. Also the local people will tell you about their culture and traditions.

While you are there, you can also see the spectacular sea life around the Arabian Sea. in the waters surrounding the city. You can also enjoy some of the traditional souks and local markets.

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