Dubai Travel Brochure

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Among the seven UAE states, Dubai has the largest population having over 2.1 million inhabitants. To begin with, it is best known for constructing the most prominent and largest buildings. The dynamics of Dubai are ever-changing and always transient with an urge to make setting more significant and better. In line with this, the Burj Al Arab is a timid and cropped version of the Burj Khalifa. Dubai creates tourist attractions, parks, shopping, nightlife, and landmarks day by day. In line with this, this article is a Dubai travel brochure that helps you maneuver easily while visiting this beautiful destination.

Dubai Travel Brochure
Dubai Travel Brochure

The traditional practices are strictly safeguarded. It has a successful shield from extremism. Dubai emerges as the most significant and largest cosmopolitan metropolis with business, global city, and cultural hub of the Persian Gulf and middle east region. Therefore, if you are a newbie or firstcomer tourist confused about what to do, and where to do it, then this post will help you immensely.

Full Dubai Travel Brochure

Dubai offers an exciting sum of activities, attractions, nightlife, shopping centers, and exhibitions. Given below is a travel brochure, that is, an informative paper document related to Dubai culture and guidance for the tourist.


The city regularly and consistently dwells in the competition trying to attract more tourists to unheard luxuries and the world of charms. Dubai banks divide into parts namely, Bur Dubai to South, and Northern Side Deira as a top destination of Jumeirah. Each side contains busy souqs, shopping malls, public buildings, and beautiful mosques. Moreover, it got blessed with silvery beaches and golden sunshine that one can gloriously bath in. Some sightseeing includes downtown Dubai, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Islands.


Dubai is a tourism hub, and a cultural hub for people thus offers an endless thing to do and see. It provides entertainment; theatre takes center and films in the emirate. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive sports activities like world tour golf championship and the richest horse race. Notably, some of the best cinema theaters include Novo cinemas and Reel cinemas. Consequently, if you love the 3D digital experience, you can try the Picturehouse.

Dubai Travel Brochure About Nightlife

Undoubtedly, it provides excellent and magnificent nightlife scene along with nightclubs and bars. The nightclubs close at 3:00 am. Some popular restaurants are Toro, Gaucho, and bars like Carters’ and Barasti beach bar. The hotels provide some tasty foods like the unique gourmet delights and other favorites.

Dubai Travel Brochure
Dubai Travel Brochure


Travel and tour organizations set up various events and festivals so as to grab tourists’ eyes to their dream city.


Dubai is known as the ‘shopping capital of the East’ as it has shopping centers as well as souks to seek better and best products at a competitive price.

General – Dubai Travel Brochure

Since it is the 2nd largest and biggest populated city, its inhabitants include all classes of people. The fantastic city has the biggest constructions, and it continues to grow beautiful tourist attraction buildings.


Furthermore, the history, geography of Dubai include cultural lifestyle and economic changes held in the city.

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