Dubai Travel Guides 2019 – The Best Guides You Should Grab

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If you are planning to travel to Dubai anytime soon, then you should read the 2019 Dubai travel guide. Numerous guides are available, both in the online and offline market, but you have to grab the best. Getting the best travel guide is a very daunting task. Therefore, ensure you read the entire article to know about the Dubai travel guide. We aim at talking about three of the best Dubai travel guides to make sure you have no problems or regrets when you decide to travel to Dubai. Without beating around the bush, let’s get started. 

Lonely Planet Dubai And Abu Dhabi

It is one of the best travel guides that you can have in the Kindle and paperback variant. It is available at a very reasonable rate in the online market, and you can order it from the comfort of your home. You have to understand that Lonely Planet is the number one travel guide publisher, and it will give you the best tips.

The best thing about the Lonely Planet is that it has color maps and images throughout the entire magazine. Moreover, it contains numerous tips guiding your travel within the city. Notably, it has honest reviews from the best travel bloggers which when followed ensures you have the best foods and sleep as comfortably as you would like. In addition, you can also get cultural insights so that the travel experience is rewarding. Lastly, the highlights and itineraries are something to look forward to and will help in making your trip amazing.

Top Ten Dubai And Abu Dhabi Pocket Travel Guide

This is one of the best paperback editions of a travel guide, and you can fit into the pocket easily. It is a travel-sized guide. Thus, it offers you a travel guide that you can easily carry within the city without any hassles. Consequently, it has a lot to offer and you should, therefore, consider acquiring it.

Here in the travel guide, you will get to have a lot of information regarding Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is the best travel guide with premium quality and ensures that you can have a pleasurable trip. Furthermore, it also covers a lot of major sights and attractions. It will give you the best idea of how to visit Dubai in the best possible manner as well. 

Dubai: Essential Travel Tips All You Need To Know

This is also one of the best travel guides you can purchase to help you easily navigate the streets of Dubai. It is available in the paperback as well as the audiobook variant- both of which are affordable. For the Kindle Unlimited users, this book is free. 

Notably, the page flip is enabled, and the length of the book is 39 pages. Additionally, the enhanced typesetting is allowed, and you will have no problems in reading the book at all.

Now that you have the three best travel guides of Dubai, all you have to do is to choose the one suiting your needs. This way, you can get the best guidance.  

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