Dubai Travel Outfits: Guide For Visitors

Dubai Travel Outfits

What to wear in Dubai is one of the first concerns among travelers planning visits to this luxurious city. This is because of the strict environment of the country. Confusion about Dubai travel outfits is evident due to the inadequate information available on the internet. The common confusion among them is about beach clothes. Women often ask about bikini or short dresses in malls or beaches. This dilemma is not only limited to females, but to men as well. Therefore, this article aims to shine some light on the types of clothe-wear generally accepted in Dubai city.

Dubai Travel Outfits
Dubai Travel Outfits: Guide For Visitors

Dubai Travel Outfits Guide

What To Wear?

The dress code usually depends on the actual part of the city you travel to. However, the general advice is to cover your knees and shoulders. Men can wear shorts, but it should be long enough to cover the knees. Females should always try to wear long outfits covering most part of their legs.

Since the country has hot weather, choose silk or linen cloths. In addition, the clothes should be loose so that your skin can breathe. Girls should carry a light scarf to cover the body in case, you are wearing sleeveless.

What Dubai Travel Outfits To Avoid?

Luckily, not many restrictions are made on the type of clothes you wear while in Dubai. This list is pretty smaller than the list of clothes you can wear. In line with this, cut-tops and super short shorts are restricted especially in some parts of the city. In case you wear such outfits, local police may ask you to go and change the dress. Therefore, to avoid any inconveniences, go out in comfortable yet modest clothes.

Dubai Travel Outfits For Hotels And Malls

Dubai Travel Outfits
Dubai Travel Outfits: Guide For Visitors

Fortunately, you will see more travelers, like you, in hotels and restaurants. Most of them belong to western countries so you can wear anything you want.

However, in the malls, you will see signs showing the guidelines or examples of ideal clothing. In short, always wear long skirts or trousers and follow the upper body rule.

Dubai Travel Outfits For Other Areas

Water Parks

The country has beautiful beaches, parks, pools and beach clubs. You will surely enjoy the water parks. At private pools and beaches, you can freely wear bikinis and swimsuits.

Traditional Areas

Mosques are, without a doubt, religious places where everyone should wear respectful outfits. Always dress up in long sleeves clothing.

Moreover, women should always try to cover their hair. This is especially whenever you visit a religious building or mosque. In case you have no scarf then you can rent an abaya before entering the mosque.

Desert Safari

While in Dubai, you should not miss the chance to visit the deserts. However, the heat is high, and you will not get any shade to hide. So, always carry sunscreen, a scarf, and a cap for extra protection. Don’t go for trending outfits but if you want to wear fashionable clothing, try kaftan.


When you are in Dubai, you can be both stylish yet modest. Jumpsuits, long skirts, full sleeves, shirts, and scarfs are fashionable yet comfortable. Therefore, enjoy your trip to Dubai and carry outfits that do not violate their country rules.

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