Dubai Travels Dos And Don’ts You Should Be Aware

Before we discuss things to do and not to do in Dubai, we have to give a brief introduction to this city. It is an affluent city, one of the seven emirates, each a sheikdom, Gulf that together under a Federal Monarchy, make up the country of United Arab Emirates. It showcases some of the most ultra-modern architectural splendors and deluxe hotels which are marvels in themselves. The official religion is Islam, though practiced in a tolerant form of Sharia Law. However, a strict code of conduct applies to all in public.

Dubai Travels Dos And Don'ts You Should Be Aware Of
Dubai Travels Dos And Don’ts You Should Be Aware

Dubai Travels Dos and Don’ts

The Don’ts first

  • Do not wear swimwear when you are not in a swimming pool or near a beach.
  • Public displays of affection like kissing, hugging between sexes are strictly prohibited. Embracing is a way of greeting among same-sex and is alright. Holding hands for married couples is allowed.
  • Avoid losing your temper. It is a gross insult to their culture.
  • Drinking and driving invite serious consequences.
  • Taking drugs, importing them, including what you think is innocuous such as khus, is punishable by death. Check very clearly from your travel agent or lookup UAE drug policy on the internet.
  • During the holy month of Ramadhan, do not drink, eat or even smoke in public. You are likely to be fined.
  • Photography of public or government buildings is prohibited.
  • Do not use your left in greeting or eating when visiting.
  • Dress appropriately. Shorts or strapped tops are generally okay, but in the older areas like Deira and Bur Dubai, a more conservative approach to dressing is advised. Refrain from shirts or T-shirts with text that people deem offensive to religion.
  • Do not use curse words in public.

The Dos

  • Dubai practices a tolerant form of Islam. Be respectful of that, and you will win more local friends. The chances to see more of the unexplored parts of Dubai will be far higher.
  • Remove your shoes when entering somebody’s home. This is a more cultural practice. Also, avoid showing the soles of your feet and do not eat with your left hand.
  • Women should wear loose-fitting clothes, and your knees should be covered. Men should wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Dressing otherwise is rarely punished, but you will be alienated by the locals.
  • Take a taxi straight from nightclubs to your hotel. Being intoxicated in public is an offense. You may be fined or even put in jail if so such as one person was to complain that you were in a state of intoxication.
  • In the UAE, Friday is part of the weekend and some shops may be open for half the day. Saturday is a holiday. It is their equivalent of Sunday in the West. So check opening and closing times before planning an outing on these days.
  • Tap water is safe to drink. If you are picky, go for locally bottled water. The alternative is Evian, Volvic, or such brands which can be quite costly.
  • Watch your step when crossing roads. Speeding is a common occurrence, and you have a fair chance of being knocked down unless you pass at a pedestrian crossing at a designated area.
  • Be respectful of Emirates women. Shake hands only if she offers her hand first and under no circumstances should you take photographs.
Dubai Travels Dos And Don'ts You Should Be Aware Of
Dubai Travels Dos And Don’ts You Should Be Aware

In Conclusion

Dubai is a mesmerizing city well worth a visit. People here are very tolerant and kind and show respect for their culture.

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