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Dubai, the United Arab Emirates has become one of the most visited places by visitors from all over the world. It is one of the seven emirates that form a part of the United Arab Emirates (the UAE). Its inclusion in this list of fastest growing emirates is largely due to its impressive landmarks and impressive shopping malls. For travelers, Dubai offers an exciting journey across the desert, the sand dunes and the magnificent sights of the numerous international beaches.

If you have decided to visit Dubai, then there are various things you need to keep in mind. It would be wise if you choose to go on one of the various Dubai yellow boat tours. These tours offer great excitement and the chance to see the life in the sand firsthand. When you take a yellow boat cruise, you get to explore a variety of life in the sand in its natural habitat. The people of Egypt, Jordan, the Mediterranean basin, North Africa, Sicily, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Croatia are just some of those who would enjoy these cruises.

Choose Right Tour Package

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When you book your Dubai tour package, you will receive a welcome package as well. This package contains a travel guide about the various sites you will see during your Dubai tour. The tour guides will help you plan your sightseeing activities and even tell you the best way to go around different destinations. They can also give you information about certain areas that are less crowded. You can always go for a guided tour with an experienced guide, especially if you are new to the city.

The Dubai guide also gives tips about local foods, traditional garments and the various cultures represented in the city. Tourists should also keep their eyes open for the various events that take place in the city. Yellow boat tours will not be complete without a trip on the Dubai desert. This is where you can witness the camel safari and see the dunes in their original glory.

The guide will also take you to the Dubai Marina, which houses the world’s tallest and most impressive tower. This is a must-see sight for all visitors. You can also visit the traditional souqs, or the markets that display a variety of native goods. The songs are an important part of the local culture in Dubai.

One of the things you will find out during your Dubai tour is how the city got its name. It is believed that the city got this name from the Persian language. According to historians and myth makers, the emirate was established when the Arabic language was not yet commonly used. Thus, it was named after the Arabic word “al-bid” which means “king”.

The architecture in Dubai is very distinct. The city has a unique blend of western and eastern elements, which gives the city an unparalleled look. The city is considered to be one of the safest in the world. There are also a lot of low cost accommodations available in Dubai, which makes it a top choice for many tourists. If you are looking for an affordable vacation spot, then you should definitely consider a Dubai yellow Mariner tour.

Dubai Yellow Boat Tour

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The Dubai yellow boat tour will take you to some of the most scenic spots in the region, where you can see manmade and natural wonders, in abundance. This tour also takes you to some of the most vibrant cities in the world, which will surely leave you awed. Dubai is truly a place to discover.

When you go on this tour, there will be times when you will be sailing over the calm waters of the Arabian sea. You can expect to see a lot of natural beauty on your Dubai yellow boat tour. Some of the places that you can visit while going on this tour are the Emirates Hills, Bur Dubai, Deira and of course the Dubai Gold Market and the World. This tour will also take you to various tourist attractions, which will surely mesmerize you. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai is obviously the Al Mamzar Mountains, which you will be able to see from here.

Best Part About This Tour

This tour is truly a unique one, because you can enjoy all the sights, sounds and tastes along the way. However, you need to have the necessary skills and equipment to sail the boat. You need to know that sailing is not an easy task, so you need to have strong muscles. If you want to experience a unique vacation, then nothing can come close to a Dubai yellow Mariner’s tour. You can get the chance to sail on the traditional dhows of Dubai as well.


All these years, Dubai has been the one destination that has fascinated travelers from all over the world. This city would forever remain the top most tourist spot in the world. It would be wise if you consider taking a Dubai tour for your next vacation. The best part would be that you would spend time in one of the best cities in the world

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