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Dubai is the second largest emirate and state in the United Arab Emirates; it is a key commercial and business center in the Middle East with a population of over a hundred and twenty million people. Dubai is famous for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and a dynamic nightlife scene; it is also famous for foreign investments and a large number of multinational corporations. There are many things to do in Dubai, but there are only a few places that rank high on the list of must-do things in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

A large body of water with a city in the background

Burj khalifa is considered as one of the best places to visit at night in Dubai, because of its amazing architectural structure, spectacular view and international appeal. Burj khalifa is a building made of glass and steel which dominates the skyline of Dubai. It consists of a seven-storey building and is the tallest building in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa offers a lot of things to do, and it is one of the top attractions of dubai. One of the things you must do while visiting this place is to take a sky lounge tour. A sky lounge is an open-air bus, which allows you to have an up close and personal look at the wonders of the desert. The best time to go on a sky lounge tour in Burj khalifa is on Friday afternoon, because the sun is at its finest during this time.

You can also go on camel safari in order to enjoy a great sightseeing experience. On your way you will pass through some of the best places to visit in Dubai like Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Emirates Tower, Dubai Creek and Dubai Golf Club. You should not miss out on a camel safari in order to enjoy the beauty of the desert on a camel. You can sit comfortably on the back of the camel and take the best views of the area.

The Delicious Evening Brunch In Burj Khalifa – One Of The Best Dubai Things To Do


If you love eating good food and having a cool atmosphere then you must try the delicious evening brunch in Burj khalifa. The evenings are warm and you will get to enjoy fine dining delicacies of Dubai. With an array of different restaurants to choose from you can definitely have an enjoyable evening brunch in Burj khalifa.

If you want to have more fun during the day you can try things to do in Dubai’s parks and gardens. Parks and gardens in Dubai are the most beautiful places in the city. During the day you will find yourself walking through beautiful gardens while at night you can have dinner with your friends. Water parks and amusement parks are other options for fun activities in Dubai. Night tours of these areas are also very popular.

Shopping is one of the things to do in Dubai. You can shop till you drop in this city. There are hundreds of malls here where you can shop for the things that you want. You can also spend the day touring various malls. Dubai is all about shopping. There are also many things to do in Dubai by night.

Dubai Offers Several Bars And Nightclubs To Entertain You

A Dubai tour without a drink in hand is not complete. This city offers several bars and nightclubs to entertain you till the early hours of the morning. Some of the most popular nightclubs in Dubai include Rama and Club Louis. These clubs host world class DJs who spin records all night long. With all these things to do in Dubai, it is no wonder that people from all over the world keep visiting this city all the time.

Shopping for souvenirs is a regular thing to do in Dubai. There are many local and foreign companies which take advantage of this fact. They set up shop in the city and sell their souvenirs all throughout the day. The locals also love going to these shops and getting their souvenirs for their home countries.

One of the most popular Dubai things to do during the day is taking a Dubai driving tour. There are many luxury tours that provide you with a unique driving experience in this city. Dubai has everything that a first time visitor to this part of the world needs. There are also many fun activities that you can participate in during your day.

Final Words

If you have never visited Dubai before, a visit to this place during the tourist season is also a good idea. During this time, there are many attractions for people of all ages. With Dubai being one of the youngest cities in the world, there are also many activities that you can enjoy while here.

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