Enjoying an Amazing Dubai City Tour

dubai city tour

Dubai city tour is an excellent side trip, in which you get to visit all the popular tourist attractions and historical monuments. This tour usually lasts for four-five hours and you can find all the most famous tourist destinations and historical sites of this dazzling city of the UAE. This article has some of the important things that you need to know about the city of Dubai before planning your tour there.

Popular Sites For The Dubai City Tour

A tall tower in a city

Al Hajar Mountains

A large body of water with a city in the background

One of the most important sites of the Dubai city tour is the Al Hajar Mountains. Built of the highest mountain peaks in the world, Al Hajar Mountains represents the ultimate beauty of this part of Dubai. You can have a glimpse of the unique topography through the long winding staircase on the Al Hajar Mountains. The staircase takes you from gardens and shops at the bottom to the grandiose towers of the Al Hajar Mountains.

Burj Al Arab

The second most important spot on the Dubai city tour is the Burj Al Arab. Also known as the White Palm, this hotel is the only one of its kind in the entire region. Burj Al Arab’s exquisite design and superior interiors have won it the consideration of both tourists and locals alike. Burj Al Arab boasts one of the best shopping complexes in the world and offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and bars.

The third and final destination of your Dubai city tour should be the vast Burj al Arab. A short drive from the Jumeirah mosque and the Souk, the Burj al Arab is the largest and most impressive of all the buildings in the region. The jumeirah mosque sits on the center of the souk, while the Souk houses many of the city’s famous shopping malls. Shopping in Dubai is a fun-filled affair; visitors are encouraged to wander through the extensive Souk before deciding what to buy. A stroll along the Dubai Creek, which connects the Burj al Arab to the southern end of the Burj al Arab, is also an excellent way to spend a few hours.

Taking a jumeirah beach tour during your Dubai city tour will give you the chance to experience the beauty of this part of town. Jumeirah Beach is also the perfect place to relax with a glass of lemonade under the sun. Located on the southern tip of Dubai, Jumeirah Beach offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and bars. For water sport lovers, the local fishermen are famous for their traditional songs, which offer a variety of fresh fish caught right on the waterfront.

Visiting The Southern Section Of Dubai

If you’re planning on visiting the southern section of Dubai, there are several attractions worth visiting during your trip to the city. If you want to see more of the ancient Arabian architecture, then you should definitely stop by the Al Boom Tourist Village. Located by the Jumeirah Beach, this village is home to the largest collection of modern-day Hollywood films. If you aren’t a fan of Hollywood, but still want to experience some Hollywood magic, there’s another option: the Dubai Platinum Cinema.

While a Dubai city tour may focus on the tourist attractions within the city, there are a few sights that travelers should not miss when they get back to their home country. The ancient Al Boom Tourist Village is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, right beside the famed Al Boom Hotel. The village offers shoppers and culture enthusiasts a one-of-a-kind experience with the world’s largest collection of art museums, and the Dubai Museum of Modern Art. If you don’t have a whole lot of cash to spend, the Dubai Museum of Modern Art is free to visit.

Final Thoughts

If a day at the movies and in the desert aren’t enough to make your Dubai city tour worthwhile, then perhaps a walk along the Dubai Creek or a tour through the Al Boom Tourist Village will do the trick. The Dubai Creek is one of the most beautiful and tranquil rivers in the world, teeming with wildlife and manmade structures. The Al Boom Tourist Village is also located on the Creek, and tours of both buildings offer the chance to take in the sights from the inside out. A walking tour along the Dubai Creek is not something to be missed, as it offers a unique perspective on the city.

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