Essential facts about Round trip flights to Dubai

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We all know that getting a flight is extremely difficult and we have to make a plan weeks before to book the tickets. When it comes to round trip flights it is 10 times more than the normal hooking systems. We won’t find a single window open and we have to wait a few days to get what is needed by us. It is the same when it comes to booking round-trip flights to Dubai. Even if we plan accordingly, the flights and their dates might not align with the schedule. That is when we come into the picture. We are here to help you to find round-trip flights to Dubai, such that you can make your vacation, meeting, or any other event according to the given schedule and travel hassle-free. 

You don’t want to have flights as the reason to cancel your wedding plans, or parties, or business meetings. In this article, we are going to cover various flights of various companies that provide a round trip to Dubai. This is going to help you plan your trip according to the dates and the amount of money that goes into this. So let’s get started. 

Round trip flights to Dubai that are available 

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There are multiple flights that make a round trip from the US to Dubai. You just need to enter your details of the place you are flying from and from the criteria you want to choose from. The following criteria are being used in many of the online booking facilities. 

  • Cheap flights 
  • One way flights
  • Round trip flights and 
  • One way economic class

On average the cost of a round trip flight to Dubai will cost from somewhere around $470-$550. It can go up to $20-$25 more or less. Different online platforms would provide different information regarding the round trip to Dubai. You can check out and compare the prices of different e-commerce websites like smart fares, explore trip and just to name a few. When making a round trip you will also find many deals and offers, regarding hotels and rentals. Make sure you utilize those services as well. 


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  • From New York- you have 5 non-stop flights per day 
  • From Los Angeles
  • From Chicago
  • From Dallas
  • From San Francisco

All have 5 non-stop flights per day that make a round trip to Dubai. Check out the official websites to know about the booking and eligibility criteria and enjoy your trip according to your schedule. 


To make a round trip to Dubai, we have provided you with the necessary information you need to consider and schedule your trip. Look for the above criteria and places to compare the prices and the number of flights leaving each airport each day to book your ticket.

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