Essential Oils Needed For Traveling

travel with essential oils

There is an emerging trend that has people traveling with essential oils. The reason: it allows them to be more flexible while on the road. It is not a fad, but rather a sensible choice for those who are currently traveling. You might be wondering how these oils work, and if they help you travel with more ease. Here is a look at how these oils work, and what they can do for you.

An Overview

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When you are traveling by plane, there are some things that you should always do to make sure your immune system stays strong. These include taking a multivitamin and supplement. Also, pack plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into your carry-on bag. When you get to your destination, try eating some of these foods as a quick snack to curb your hunger. You can also substitute fruits for high calorie candies that could make you gain weight.

While on the plane, you will likely have access to bathrooms. This is not usually a luxury you have while flying. It is however a very important thing to take advantage of. Make sure you pack a bottle of eucalyptus oil to spray on yourself during the flight. This helps to soothe the irritated skin from bug bites. You can also purchase a bottle of tea tree oil for this purpose.

Essential Oils For Traveling

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Many people also swear by essential oils when traveling on long flights and long car rides. These sprays can reduce muscle pain and headaches associated with motion sickness, jet lag, and fatigue. They also provide relief from headaches caused by lack of sleep or caffeine withdrawal. Some of the headaches people report include migraine, tension headaches, and brain headaches.

If you are traveling on your own using essential oils, you should make sure you have a plastic travel bag with which to do your personal cleaning. Essential oils can be strong, so it is important to make sure the essential oils are diluted before applying them to your skin. The best way to dilute the oils is to put the liquid in a small bottle first, and then make sure you shake it until the essential oils are diluted. A small plastic bag fits the bill perfectly.

One convenient method of using essential oils is with a diffuser. A diffuser looks like a small vase that you can carry on your person. Simply place the diffuser bulb into the diffuser bottle, fill with your favorite essential oil, and place it into your bag. The diffuser will create a relaxing mist that is comfortable to breathe. A diffuser has two speed settings, making it easy to reach the perfect temperature for you as you travel.

Essential oils can be purchased directly from specialty stores or over the internet. There are several companies that produce different types of essential oils, and it is important to know the difference between the types before you purchase them. One type may be the best choice for one person, but not another, simply because they vary in strength and concentration. It is also important to be aware that the strength of essential oils varies from one product to the next.

In The End

Before you travel with essential oils, be sure to pack the liquids that you will need with you. These liquids include your hand cream, eye gel, lip balm, and lotion. It is important that you choose the right products, depending on the country you are traveling to. For example, if you are flying to India, use only lip balm and lotion that are safe for sensitive skin. You might also want to consider bringing a travel spray bottle to infuse your liquids with as you go.

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