Fishing Trip Dubai- For All You Adventurers

fishing trip dubai

Catching a fish from the large ocean is such a fun thing to do. It is available for kids, teenagers, young adults, and all those who love fishing. In recent times, Dubai has become one of the famous destinations for fishing. Dubai is renowned for hosting the best fishing events in the world. The waters of Arabia comprise different varieties of species such as Kingfish, Small Shark, Sultan Ibrahim, and Barracuda. The beautiful weather adds a cherry to the cake and makes the experience even more memorable. Dubai has thus successfully managed to attract many tourists from all over the world. Fishing trip Dubai will be a relishing memory for you.

Best Season For Fishing Trip Dubai

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The best season to plan your fishing trip Dubai could be from November to May. It is because these seasons bring different varieties of fish that you can catch. In January and February, you have high chances of catching Cobia. You can also catch a Tuna fish in May.

Expert Assistance

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Fishing charter companies will render you expert assistance who will help you to have a wonderful experience in Dubai. They will grant you special fishing techniques and equipment that can help you to get the biggest fish. However, you can also get your own fishing equipment.

Other Prerequisites

While on your fishing trip, it is suggested that you take your passports with you. Also don’t forget to carry sunblock with you, to protect yourself from the sunrays. Also, keep a water bottle in hand because it is important to hydrate yourself while on the sea. The weather can be really harsh, so you have to take care of that. You should also carry some sea sickness pills and some food nibbles to use as bait. Your clothing is also essential. If you are traveling in summer, then it would be ideal for carrying long sleeve t-shirts or shirts. It will protect you from the extreme suntan. In winters, wear proper warm clothes. Last but most important, don’t forget to pick up your camera. You would definitely want to capture that moment when you have got the biggest fish.


Fishing trip Dubai has become the largest tourist attraction as it gravitates many tourists all over the year. This adventure is very economical, and it will not cost a fortune. You will get proper assistance and guidance for a wonderful experience. You will enjoy interesting stories and learn a lot from your guide. There are hundreds of fishing charters in Dubai that can help you to have a good fishing trip. You can select anyone that offers the best price to you and then plan your trip accordingly. We hope that you have a wonderful experience.

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