Fishing Trips In Dubai – Fly Fishing Is The Best Option

fishing trip dubai

The best time to go fishing is in the months of April and May. April and May are usually the best months to catch trout. In the Al Maktoum Sea, the temperature tends to get warmer during the day and cooler at night.

The Al-Jabour Fishing

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The Al-Jabour Fishing Trip from United Arab Emirates is the third most popular fishing trip of the year. You can start your fishing trips in the United Arab Emirates in Deira. Here you will find a wide variety of fish including carp, catfish and Mahi. The Deira fishing trips can be extended to encompass other areas such as Abu Dhabi. There are many interesting sites located in the area such as World’s Fair Water Park and the Yas Marina. If you are going on this fishing trip, you should get yourself the right equipment as they are not usually cheap.

The Fajita Fishing Trip from Dubai gives the angler a taste of Latin America. It is advisable to get yourself an experienced local to accompany you on your fishing trip as the locals are helpful and more than happy to help a newbie to learn the methods of fishing. The Deira Deep Sea offers some very good deep sea fishing. You could try your luck fishing for Mahi, tuna, halibut, snapper or any other fish species. You could even try your luck catching the rare blackfin tuna.

Popular Deep Sea Fishing Trips

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Other interesting and popular deep sea fishing trips include the Al-Wasi Fishing Trips in Dubai. This is the traditional method of fishing that uses ivory and nets. Some of the popular soft drinks that are part of the cuisine in Dubai include the Al-Wasi soft drink, the Ibis pop and the Wild Blue soft drink.

Another one of the most popular deep sea fishing trips that you could take in Dubai would be the Abu Dhabi Fishing Trips. You would be amazed at the variety of fishes that can be caught here. Some of the popular fishes caught in the waters of Abu Dhabi include the Mahi that is available in different sizes. The popular catch here is usually from baby turtles that are kept on offshore cages. You can also try the haggis, which is similar to the Ibis soft drink.

Popular Places For Fishing

Some of the popular places where tourists from all over the world come for fishing trips in Dubai include the Yacht Docks. Here you would get to watch a whole variety of fish being caught and then later you can see them hanging on the docks. There are different types of fish that you could catch on these shores. However, if you do not like catching fish on the surface of the water you could always opt for the fly fishing trips in Dubai. Here, you get to sit on top of the yachts and have your rod and reel close to your body. Once the fish hits your lure you would be able to pull it in using powerful muscles.


If you are looking for the best Dubai fishing destination then you must go for the deep sea fishing trip. This is one of the most exciting sports in Dubai and the fishermen here never stop practicing new tricks. You need to visit this place during the summer months as the weather is quite hot. The temperature in the deep sea fishing trip is always a little higher than that at sea. When you are on a deep sea fishing trip, you need to bring along all the required fishing equipments and have all the required expertise so that you can make the best of your experience.

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