Here is the travel time from Dubai to Philippines

travel time dubai to philippines

This pandemic has been hard on all of us. Travelling has become a distant dream. But now things are taking a better turn. So get your passports ready. If you had been planning to visit the Philippines, this article is for you. If you are a resident of Dubai, there are several options of airlines for you to choose from. The Philippines is a great place to visit if it’s already on your list. Even if you are not from Dubai, there are options for you to travel through connecting flights to travel from Dubai to Manila.

Flights from Dubai To Manila

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The aerial distance covered between the two locations is measured to be about 6300 Kms. There are about 30 different flight options that can be chosen according to convenience and timings from Dubai to the Philippines. The first flight to leave from Dubai is the Emirates 332 with the departure timing recorded to be 03:30 AM. And the last flight is recorded to be the Cebu Pacific Air 15 with its departure at 11:10 PM. The travelling hours are recorded to be eight hours and ten minutes and nine hours and fifteen minutes to be the shortest and longest timings taken respectively. The most popular airline options include Emirates, Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines.

Reasons to visit the Philippines

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There always has to be some kind of a reason to visit a new place. Especially when it is new and you have decided to invest a lot in the trip this has to be mandatory. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely visit the Philippines at least once in a lifetime.

  • Friendlies Country in Asia – The Philippines is often ranked to be the friendliest country in Asia. The rich culture blessing this country also enhances their effort on hospitality. Filipinos are aware of the high tourism rate in their country. Therefore they are naturally used to their presence. Hence, Filipinos are raised closer to their warm culture with their kind behaviour to the tourists.
  • The Philippines, a summer paradise – The Philippines being a tropical paradise, with so many spots to visit, will be your summer dream come true. You have so many beaches to visit and tropical cuisine available. And the occasional rains will keep the nights chilly enough to not make the days too hot.
  • Affordable travel – The Philippines is one of the places around the world that you can travel to without emptying your pockets. It is a beautiful country and you don’t have to go over the top.

Places to visit in the Philippines

Some of the major places to visit in the Philippines include,

  • Manila – The capital of the country is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and is a must-visit spot.
  • Boracay, El Nido and Cebu City – These are some of the very popular beach cities. With plenty of resorts, you can enjoy your private travel or a trip with the family here.
  • Bohol and Puerto Princesa – If you are looking for an adventurous trip, these beach cities provide you with several water spot activities. And these spots are also popularly chosen for scuba-diving.


Hope this article helped you with the details regarding flight timings and travel time flying from Dubai to the Philippines. We have also recommended some of the popular spots to visit in the Philippines. Happy travelling!

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