How Much Does it Cost to Travel Dubai – Making Your Holiday Affordable

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How Much Does It Cost to Travel & See in Dubai? Dubai is also known as the jewel of the Middle East, a city of dazzling skyscrapers, a floating city that is not restricted by ground rules, a desert that is less than an hour’s drive from any other country in the World, and a town that never sleeps. Dubai is now the most popular tourist spot in the whole world and the number one tourist attraction, second only to the Burj Khalifa, is the famous Burj-Al Arab Hotel.

An Overview

A large ship in a body of water with Burj Al Arab in the background

The Burj-Al Arab has been awarded the “best-building” award from the prestigious World Travel Awards. But it is expensive to come to this majestic hotel. So what is a traveler to do to have a pleasant and affordable holiday in Dubai? A good Dubai travel budget planner can be quite helpful to plan your trip. But it is always better to let the experts deal with planning your trip. You have to consider certain things before booking your accommodation and a travel budget planner will be of great help to you.

Dubai is celebrating its 50th year of commerce and culture this December. The festival that is celebrated at this time is known as the “shop shop Festival.” The month of December is known as the “shop” when in Dubai, people from all over the region converge on the Dubai shops to buy handicrafts, clothes, cosmetics, electronics, furniture, and many more. There are four main shopping districts in Dubai; Souk Madinat, Deira, Emirates Hills and Jumeirah.


A view of a city at night

What’s so interesting about this festival? It is actually a three-day festival celebrating the beautiful colours of the desert, the spices that bring life to the land and the crafts and creations that the people of the Emirates can proudly call their own. On this day, almost all shops and restaurants are decorated beautifully with all sorts of colourful decorations and lights. It is indeed a festive time in Dubai, not only for the locals but for foreign tourists too. For this reason, planning a Dubai travel budget or a Dubai holiday beforehand is necessary.

As mentioned earlier, a good Dubai travel budget planner can be really helpful in planning your budget ahead of time. With the help of a good Dubai travel budget planner, you can make your trip amazingly cheap. It will definitely help you make a wise decision when it comes to booking your accommodation, car rental, travel insurance and any other expenses you might need during your Dubai trip. A good travel agent will be able to get you the best deals that are available on Dubai hotels, restaurants and activities. Plus, with a good Dubai travel budget planner, you will be able to choose the right destination or activity for you and your family members and make sure that they are satisfied with the trip, thus saving you time and money in the process.

Know Data 

The best thing about planning your Dubai trip budget beforehand is that you will be able to read up on all the information you need before you leave for Dubai. You will know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you buy. You will also be able to compare prices and see which hotel has the cheapest meals and activities as well as the cheapest flights to any destination across the globe.

If you are planning a Dubai trip, you must also make sure that you have chosen your hotel correctly. During the weekdays, the festival city of Dubai celebrates festivals and parties every single day of the year, throwing everything into high gear as the city gets ready to celebrate Eid Al Fitr; a major religious festival in the Muslim calendar, which celebrates the end of Ramadan. Throughout the week, you should be visiting restaurants in order to sample the different dishes made from meat and other seafood delicacies; a visit to the Dubai Raffle House is an excellent way of doing this.


Holidays to Dubai can be made affordable with careful planning. If you are planning a family holiday, try to make sure that all of the children eat at home before leaving for Dubai, or better yet, ask a friend or family member to stay with them. Once you arrive in Dubai, do not forget to book into one of the many Dubai hotels for you to begin enjoying your stay. The cost of a good hotel room depends on the amenities that it offers, so check out what the hotel offers before deciding where you will be staying to enjoy your time away from home. As mentioned above, holiday makers need to know how much does it cost to travel Dubai; by planning early, you will be able to get a good idea of how much it is going to cost for you to enjoy your trip.

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