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Taking a flight to Dubai or a trip to Abu Dhabi from the Middle East has become increasingly popular over recent years as air travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi has grown in popularity. It’s now one of the easiest journeys between the two destinations. The main airports used for international flights to Abu Dhabi are located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at Dubai and Arabian Peninsula at Doha. The journey time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi takes around three h 35m and normally covers a space of about 95 miles. This includes a typical layover of just over one h in each direction. There are options to fly to the Middle East through other Arab countries such as Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt; however, once you have transited through these countries, the journey time is substantially reduced.

Another option available for arriving in Abu Dhabi from Dubai is taking the train from the United Arab Emirates. Passengers may find the journey to Dubai with the train is a little slower than if they had used a taxi; however, once arriving in the emirates, passengers will find a taxi at your hotel is the easiest option. Once arriving in Abu Dhabi, a taxi can often be a more convenient option for those arriving from the UAE as it will allow you to arrive at your hotel. By choosing to take a taxi from the airport, you also avoid the extra expense that will be incurred by using the airport transport services. The journey to Abu Dhabi from the airport will not take very long and is not too cumbersome, provided you do get off the plane on the right leg of the journey.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi

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One option available for arriving in Abu Dhabi from Dubai is to hire a car. Car hire is readily available throughout Abu Dhabi city, and many of the major hotels and resorts have car rental facilities available throughout the day. If you do not want to take the public transport option when arriving in Abu Dhabi, a taxi or a ride around town using the city’s monorail system is a good way to travel around the city. You can ask a taxi driver to meet you at one of the central points in town and then continue along with the city’s famous monorail network to different destinations. This is an option that can work well for busy individuals, but it is always best to book your hotel accommodation and car rental in advance in order to guarantee your transportation to the desired destination on time.

Another option for reaching Abu Dhabi from Dubai is the establishment of an ad. The aed is a high-speed underground tunnel that is being used by many passengers coming into the city from the United Arab Emirates. Passengers will be able to arrive in Abu Dhabi via the underground tunnel, where they will be greeted by another traveler and have their bags scanned before being allowed to board the aed. Once onboard, the travelers will be guided by the machine onto the monorail system, which will take them down to the HyperLoop. This high-speed train ride is one of the most amazing experiences you can experience and will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city of Abu Dhabi as well as the fantastic climate that exists in the UAE.

Travelling Dubai

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For a more comfortable experience traveling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, a trip to downtown Dubai would also be very enjoyable. If you are planning on taking a cab, the metro is your best bet as both buses, and a variety of cabs can be found throughout the city. A trip on the and will allow you to reach downtown without having to fight the crowds of people walking from the airport to the hotels.

When traveling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, you will want to be sure to watch for the bus timings so that you don’t miss your connecting flight. You will want to arrive at the Abu Dhabi airport early so that you do not miss your connecting flight and you do not have to worry about missing your connecting flight. The bus timings are often published weeks prior to departure, and you will want to be sure to check them before leaving for your trip so that you do not have to worry about when the next bus leaves to head to your destination.

Once you have reached Abu Dhabi city, you will want to keep track of the bus timings for the rest of your journey. You will need to arrive in the early morning to catch the first bus to the capital city. The journeys from Dubai to Abu Dhabi typically go through any of the major cities of the Emirates with frequent stops along the way. A journey of more than six hours should be planned based on the bus timings.

Bottom Line

The average journeys for the city of Abu Dhabi and the capital city of Dubai are approximately seven and a half hours, depending on which city you are heading to. The two hours and forty-five-minute drive between the Dubai desert and Abu Dhabi city make these journeys easier and more comfortable than the direct flights from Dubai. Keep your trip plan and your bus schedule handy so that you are well prepared for any changes that may occur during the journey. The earlier you plan your trip, the better the chances that you can avoid last-minute disappointments and have the perfect vacation that you had hoped for.

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