Looking To Have A Musandam Trip From Dubai?

musandam trip from dubai

Enjoy Musandam Cruise from Dubai, Excitement Dubai Khaym Saleh to Swim, Dinner, Scuba, Dive & Watch Dolphins. Plan and book Musandam Khayam cruise and Dhow cruise from Dubai. Take pleasure in a relaxing day of sunbathing, fun-filled entertainment, and various dining options on this 90 minutes voyage. Sail with Royal Caribbean Cruises and take pleasure in your stay at Musandam Beach. Time for swimming, snorkeling, and watching dolphins at the famous Telegraph Island with full-board dinner and transportation included.

What All To Look For In This Tour?

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The most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai are the significant tourist places in and around the region; Mount Al Maktoum and Jumeirah. You can visit them during your Musandam trip from Dubai. The mount is known for its scenic beauty and offers a memorable experience to the tourists. The Jumeirah Hotel is also well known and is renowned for its architectural grandeur and beauty. These two places are best known for their hospitality, and they have guided suggestion tours during the Musandam trip from Dubai to make your trip unforgettable.

There are other tourist places in and around the area you may enjoy during your Musandam trip from Dubai. You may visit the famous beaches like Al Maktoum Beach, Creek, Burqini Fishing Village, and Dharamshala. Travel agents offer several travel packages to make your journey comfortable and hassle-free. You can choose any of the travel packages and according to your choice,

What Are The Most Popular Options For Travel?

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If you want to enjoy your trip with the whole family and love to explore the natural beauty, you can go for the all-inclusive trip that includes all your meals, drinks, tours, and other entertainment like snorkeling, diving, fishing, etc. Some of the most popular all-inclusive Dubai Musandam trips include the Family Manukau Cruise, The Palms Cruise, The Persian Gulf Cruise, The Starlight Cruises, The Tall Ships, and The Al Hajar Cruise. You can also go for the all-inclusive Dubai packages that include your air ticket, hotel room, meals, car rental, shopping, and sightseeing in Dubai.

If you want to take an incredible and unforgettable trip, you should go for the Khasab Musandam cruise. This is one of the best and the most exciting tours that take you to a different world and let you experience the beautiful sights and sounds of the city through a close encounter with the dolphins and the wild animals. You can enjoy this cruise in the company of your friends, family, and other lovely people who also desire to go on the same exciting trip. The exotic and fascinating experience of the khasab Musandam cruise will let you relish your holidays once again.


If you wish to have a peaceful and romantic holiday vacation, you can go for the Peninsula cruise. This tour takes you to the magnificent beaches of Dubai that are perfect for spending your vacations. You can also take the option of a private, fully-bloated journey that will allow you to see the beauty of marine life in the pristine waters of the peninsula. You can also opt for self-drive touring if you do not want to go on crowded cruise boats.

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