Save Money On Dubai Travel Deals And Trips

dubai travel deals

Dubai is not a town for a budget tourist. This metropolis is certainly not inexpensive, and guests should be prepared to invest some significant cash when they enter the city. Even so, there are a couple of life hacks that can save money while you visit Dubai. These little tricks can save a great deal of money with little effort.

Staying At A Budget Hotel

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Dubai’s 7-star hotel, as well as other luxury resorts, are well established. There are, nevertheless, plenty of comfortable and beautiful hotels for budget guests. A fun trick is to check by neighborhood to find these hotels. Dubai Marina hotels are far more costly than Al Barsha hotels, where several of the better luxury hotels are open. While both of these places are just around 15-20 minutes apart, rates can be surprising.

The Old Quarter Visit

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Dubai’s Old Quarter is among the main historical monuments of the region. Here, tourists will see how Dubai’s existence was during the trade era when the river was the lifesaver of the entire region. Another nice thing about Dubai’s Old Quarter is that it is much better value for money than the rest of the region, aside from the various sights it provides. Visitors to this site will pay 3 AED to access the Dubai Museums and 1 AED to take a boat taxi across the Creek. All the rest carries equal rates – of course, except for the Gold Souk!

Abstain From Alcohol

It’s tough for those who have come to Dubai to drink, but abstaining from alcohol is an excellent way of saving money. Alcohol is costly in the region, and there would be a night of mild drinking about 200-300 AED. Through skipping alcohol, travelers will save a lot of cash for other items such as visits and eating – or carry the money home if they want to follow all of the tips in this article!

Check For Cheap Dinings

Yeah, Dubai is renowned for its haute cuisine, with some of the world’s finest restaurants. Interestingly, eating is a simple way to visit Dubai with your budget. Very little know that Dubai provides dining opportunities across all budgets, and while people searching for food are likely to consume fast food – either from local or foreign chains – it is a perfect place that can save money. Anyway, everyone is given any extra weight for the holidays.

Travel Via Metro

In Dubai, hardly anything is too near. It is practically difficult to walk about from location to location, so having a decent transport means within your budget is vital. While taxis and Ubers provide greater convenience, Dubai Metro is a fantastic way to get around and spend minimal money. Besides, the metro provides spectacular views of the area, as it stands above the ground and is incredibly safe, rendering the trip a lovely time for youngsters.

Last On The List: Free Entry Spots

A rare reality regarding Dubai is that several city locations give free access, including several nightclubs. One great way to save money is to control the cost spent on a night out to a low. As described earlier, alcohol avoidance is a brilliant hack – but joining clubs free is another hack.

This means tourists can come in, party, and enjoy themselves without having to pay any money. It is still possible for women to see places that give ladies a night. Generally, Tuesdays, as most establishments in town, offer their female customers free drinks.

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