Sephora Collection Travel Essential Brush Set Review

sephora collection travel essential brush set

The Sephora Collection Travel Essential Brush Set is great for creating a great base before you go on your shopping spree. The set comes with 14 brushes that include a large flat comb, two smaller flat combs, and two small boar tooth combs. This set has been designed to help women create the most beautiful make up possible. Each of the brushes has a different purpose. The two boar tooth combs are designed to create gorgeous eyebrows. They also make it easy to apply eyeshadow.

Before applying your eye makeup, you will need to wash your hair. This should be done in warm water and then you can apply your foundation. Next you should apply your base before putting on your eyeliner. Next you should put a finishing powder on your eyelids so that your eyelids are matte and everything blends together nicely.

After this you should apply your eye shadow. Then you should put the mascara on your lashes and then you should put a little bit of hairspray on your brush to keep the mascara on. If you have a hard time applying mascara to your lashes, then you should use some white hairspray to get the application done properly.

Some Things To Know

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After you put the mascara on, you need to run the brush through the bathroom sink and then you should rinse off the brush. Then you should pick up the Sephora shampoo and apply it to your hair as directed. Then you should rinse off the shampoo. You should not use any detangling agents or anything to get the hair to look good.

Next you should grab the Sephora shampoo and dip the entire head of your hair into it. Then you should brush your whole head until all the knots are gone. Once you do this, you should make sure that you get all of the tangles out.

The last step is to rinse off the shampoo. Then you will take the Sephora Conditioner and give it about two minutes to soak into your hair. You will then grab the bottle and you need to apply it to the roots. After you do this, you can put the rest of the bottle into your purse. This should make sure that you have all of your items ready for your trip.

Brush Your Entire Head

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The last step is to brush your entire head. Make sure that you make sure that all of the tangles are out. After you have done this you can put the rest of the Sephora travel grooming brush into your purse. The Sephora collection contains brushes that are specifically made to work with this kit. It has been tested and proven to work with any type of hair.

When you are done you will be able to start your journey out on the right foot. Make sure that you pack everything that you need. Sephora does make an excellent travel kit but there is something better. If you want to enjoy your trip more than you want to make sure that you get a Sephora collection. With this set you will get everything that you need in one simple pack so that you will not have to pack twice.

Sephora Is A Perfect Gift For Mom, Girlfriend, Wife, Or Sister

Sephora does not just stop at travel essentials. In fact, they have a full line of skincare products as well. You can choose between the regular lotions and creams or you can choose from some really awesome spa products. If you want to keep yourself feeling great this summer then you want to make sure that you get a Sephora Collection. They have all of the products that you need to keep yourself looking and feeling great.

The Sephora collection is a perfect gift for a mom, a girlfriend, a wife, or even a sister. Anybody that is female that has a need for good basic skin care should definitely check out the Sephora collection. You will find the essential brushes that you need along with everything else that you need. With this complete set you will have all of your supplies for taking care of your skin at home. If you travel you do not have to worry about missing a beat when it comes to cleansing, moisturizing and fixing whatever skin problem you have.

Bottom Line

The Sephora Collection is not hard to find. They are located in every major city and they are usually found just about anywhere that cosmetic stores are. You can always drive around town and look for one. If you cannot find a store that carries the Sephora Collection then you should be able to order them right online. You can get the best prices on the Sephora brushes and other products by shopping online.

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