Some Important Tips That You Should Know About Dubai Travel Safety

If you are planning to Visit Dubai, sure you want to know about it. If we talk about crime, it is the Safest and best destination in the Middle East. Dubai is popular as a business Hub and tourist, and it is the largest city in the UAE. It is the fastest-growing city Along with international and national travelers in the word. However, a street Crime like bag snatching and pickpocketing is normal, but in the presence of Camera and security, you will feel safe while using public transport. The important thing about Dubai travel Safety is that you don’t break any local law. This city is very strict regarding its law like Alcohol consumption, sexual conduct, dress up, and your behavior with locals. Here are some important things that you should know before going to Dubai.

Dubai Travel Safety Tips:

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Visit Between October And April

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Dubai has only two seasons, Hotter and hot. The month between October and April is well known as the winter Season. This season brings perfect beach weather and blue skies to the city. This season is also well known as the rainy days; however, the rain doesn’t seem too long, so you don’t spoil your plan because of it.

Show Respect During Ramadan

It is another thing that you need to know about Dubai travel safety. If you want to visit Dubai during Ramadan holy Month, which celebrates the 9th month of the 12 months of the Islamic Calendar. This month the Muslim practice of fasting, and you have to respect them. It means you cannot eat, smoke, and drink anything in public or in front Of them between sunrise and sunset.

Dress Modestly

When you pack your vacation Wardrobe so think conservative over flashy and revealing. The cloth of women Considers the incident if it is transparent, too short, and tight. In contrast, Man cannot walk around without a shirt on. Dress modesty is important to respect Muslim culture and avoid unwanted attention.

Should You Tip?

It is a very important tip For Dubai travel safety. Tipping is not really expected in this city, but It is a common practice. Many restaurants will give bills after adding a tip. Taxi drivers do not receive tips, but supermarket baggers and luggage carries accept a small tip for their services.

Be Careful While Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol is legal and common In Dubai, but it is legal in a legal place. You cannot drink while driving or in public as public drunkenness. However, you can only buy alcohol from an Establishment that has a license, and without a permit, you can’t, but it for your own use.

Ask Permission Before Clicking The Picture

When we visit, then we all Love to capture the moment through photos, but in Dubai, you can’t take a Picture without permission. Don’t take Muslim women pictures without her Permission, and also don’t click of any airport, government building, military Installation, and so on.


Even with some of the strict laws and regulations, you should not fear and hesitate to travel to Dubai, if you get the chance. It is the best and unique destination.

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