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Gulf News Magazine

With declining circulation figures for papers worldwide, especially in Western countries, this comes as great news for Gulf News magazine. However, there are still some significant and noteworthy differences between Gulf News and other non-English papers in the region.

About Gulf News

Know About Gulf News Magazine
Know About Gulf News Magazine

The first difference is, of course, the nature of the publication. Unlike many other non-English newspapers, Gulf News is available in two parts: the Middle East and Europe. As such, it has to take care to cover a wide variety of topics. As a result, it regularly publishes reports on various topics. These topics are not only interesting but also have an impact on the readers. For example, it discusses how an Egyptian government plan is working to ease the housing crisis.

This is the case because Gulf News does not just choose the most interesting part of an issue for its readers. Instead, it usually goes into detail about various issues of the day and makes sure to report news events as well. Indeed, one of its major goals is to ensure that the readers get information about the current affairs in the region without relying on Western sources. Interested readers will fall in love with this magazine.

What Is The Uniqueness Of Gulf News?

Another thing that sets Gulf News apart from other non-English publications is its unique approach to reporting. The magazine is actually a news portal, which means that it provides the same sort of news services. But without the high-end paper-and-magazine production as a mainstream newspaper.

Instead of relying on journalists who have been hired on a contractual basis, Gulf News employs journalists who are experts in their field. Moreover, unlike many other media outlets that rely on reporters and editors. Gulf News relies on freelancers who come to the magazine’s offices and report news stories as they see them. These freelancers also write about different topics like jobs, travel insurance, etc.

Languages Of Gulf News

As a matter of fact, the magazine is available in both English and Arabic and the two languages are mutually exclusive. Due to which, the writers who contribute to the magazine have to be knowledgeable about both languages and can offer their insights in both. Furthermore, since it is a multi-lingual publication, articles in Gulf News do not necessarily have to be translated from the original source.

How Are The Editors Of This Magazine?

Features Of Gulf News Magazine
Features Of Gulf News Magazine

However, the editors at Gulf News take a lot of care while checking errors during translation from one language to the other. They also make sure to proofread the translations to ensure that no mistakes are made to convey the information effectively. For instance, a recent report on the situation in Egypt, which was criticized by conservative groups and other critics of Muslim Brotherhood policies, included the phrase “Muslim Brotherhood members” instead of “Muslim Brotherhood” and the article was corrected.

Final Words

There are also articles in Gulf News that are available in English and Arabic that include quotes from various countries. These quotations can be used as sources for further reports. In addition, many of the articles contain images that can be used as posters or used as background music. Thus readers can have a glimpse of what a particular story entails without reading the entire piece.

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