The Dubai Travel Advisory Guide For You

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For all the first-time visitors in Dubai, it is always advisable to take a Dubai travel advisory. There are a number of good companies offering travel advisory services in Dubai. These travel advisory companies give you an insight into what to do in Dubai during summer, what to avoid and what to pack. They also provide information on how to get around in Dubai and the required precautions while travelling.


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Travel advisory companies usually issue a “Covid-19 Negative Certificate Four Days Prior” message to tourists who plan to travel to Dubai between the months of June and July. The announcement issued by the companies advises the tourists to be cautious while traveling to the emirate during this period. The “Covid-19 negative certificate four days prior” message is issued due to the increase in security measures that has been implemented since the end of last year. Security checks and random checks for foreign national are carried out on arrival at the airport, on the trucks that bring goods from different corners of the world to Dubai, at railway stations and at all the main commercial centers in Dubai. However, all these measures are yet to be observed at all major checkpoints across Dubai.

The city of Dubai has a well developed transport system. The public transports like taxis and motor buses are available at all the major checkpoints throughout Dubai. But if you are planning to travel by land then getting round on time is a major challenge. Cabs and minibuses ply to and fro throughout the city of Dubai. But if you want to go in a more comfortable way then you can hire a car or even rent a taxi. Taking a cab is quite costly in Dubai and the travelers should take care when taking cabs.

Post-Covid Travel Guide

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Most of the Dubai residents talk in a language that is mainly Arabic during the day but with English spoken at night. It is advisable for the tourists to learn some basics about the city in and around Dubai before leaving the house so as to avoid being misled while traveling. This is one of the most important Dubai travel tips that any traveler should follow.

Health Declaration Form

Most travelers are required to fill a health declaration form prior to departure. This health declaration form carries many sections, covering medical condition (if applicable), immunization status, past and present medical condition, allergies, drug allergies, travel health risks and country of origin. The form should be presented before boarding the plane. Many airlines also require the passengers to fill a drug declaration form before they are allowed to take the seat. This is another important Dubai travel advisory that every visitor must strictly follow.

Other Exclusions

This Dubai travel advisory does not cover children below the age of 18, nor does it cover anyone who is unable to travel because of religious reasons or any other valid reason. There is no travel advisory coverage for anyone traveling with a pet or someone with a severely injured or handicapped animal. People who are taking drugs or medications for conditions affecting the body are not eligible for any Dubai medical travel insurance. You should contact your medical provider to find out whether you are eligible for any of these services.

Country of Origin

For citizens of Dubai, this advisory provides information on their country of origin. There is a recommended reading list for travelers to select from, depending on their country of origin. The recommended read list covers Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, and Vietnam. For tourists wishing to travel between Gulf countries, this post-covid travel guide has recommended reading material on each of the seven nations.

Getting Around

The Dubai travel advisory recommends getting around in two different ways: driving and cabbing. Both of these options can be efficient, but it comes down to your personal preference. The recommended routes for driving and cabbing include highways D and E, and Al-Wasi Road. The city of Dubai does not have a comprehensive taxi system, so it’s up to you to find a good cab company within walking distance of your hotel. The city of Dubai is small, so parking your car is never an issue, and the streets are clean, with restaurants, banks, and other businesses located along most of them.


The Dubai Travel advisory is full of helpful tips for getting around the city and has even suggested reading material for travelers to help them plan their trips. These Dubai post-covid travel guides provide detailed maps of the city and tell you how to get to different parts of the city from your hotel. They also include a list of sightseeing places that you should visit, how long you should stay there, and the best times to go there. Some guides offer recommendations for getting to Dubai through air or water, and some include recommendations for private transportation between hotels. All the information is here, including recommendations for things to do once you arrive in the city.

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