The Most Popular Dhow Tour Types

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This artificial lake is made up of two bodies of water namely the Dubai Creek and the Al Maktoum Water Treatment Plant. Both these lakes together are referred to as the Dubai Creek.

The Dubai Creek Dhow boat is operated on a traditional wooden vessel, also called as dhow. These Dows were initially used for commercial trading in the early days. Today a unique concept to capture you in Dubai while you enjoy some fun activities, the Dubai cruise can be taken on the traditional wooden dhow. On a boat trip on the Dubai Creek you would find the traditional wooden crafts and also modern devices that are being used here.

Al Maktoum Waterway Cruises

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There are a number of cruises available that are on a regular basis offered to visitors. The most famous ones are the Al Maktoum Waterway Cruises and the Al Dhiyafah Tour and Cruise. These cruises are usually planned as part of a series and last for two or three days and provide an excellent opportunity for you to experience the beauty of the UAE. Most of the tour and cruise boats are equipped with spacious decks where you would be able to watch over the daily events taking place at sea. Other than watching over the cruises available on the Dubai Creek, the Dubai Gold Mine tour also takes place on this same lake and you would get an opportunity to go deep into the mine shafts to explore the colourful gemstones obtained from the earth.

Another fascinating excursion that you could enjoy is a traditional Bedouin wedding celebration on board the Al Hajar Waterway. At this time, you would have an opportunity to celebrate and strengthen your relationship with your partner. During this excursion, traditional African dishes are served to guests as well as the opportunity to enjoy the exotic surroundings of Dubai. It is a short boat trip to the Marmaris Islands where you can enjoy sailing, water sports and dining. If you are not interested in attending one of these excursions, you can always opt to go shopping or visit the Gold Souk, which has a large collection of jewellery, carpets and other traditional items.

The Al Hajar Cruise

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The Al Hajar Cruise gives you the opportunity to visit several fascinating areas in Dubai. The Creek allows you to experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle, while at the same time you can visit areas like Faisal Beach, Al Boom and Naifah. These cruises are known for their traditional Moroccan decor, which makes the experience more authentic and relaxing.

The Al Hajar Cruise is also referred to as the UAE’s largest traditional home-stay tour. With a large collection of hotels, guest houses and other accommodations you would have an exciting holiday that you would love to share with your friends and family back home. A typical Al Hajar Cruise offers guests the chance to visit seven destinations including the Emirates Mountains; the Dubai Desert; the Pakistani town of Karachi; the Western Ghats and the Western Part of Kerala.

Dubai Luxury Cruises

For a more affordable option, you can go on one of the popular Dubai luxury cruises which are available on almost every weekend. There are various tour packages that you can choose from. You can either book for an entire four-day vacation, or if you prefer to travel in two separate days you can go on an Al Hajar Cruise and return to Dubai on Saturday and Sunday, or you can opt to spend two days on the Show while stopping over at various ports on the way.

The most popular of these luxury tours is the Special Private Limited Edition Al Hajar Cruise, where you will have an unforgettable holiday experience and enjoy a variety of activities along with an amazing welcome from the locals of Dubai.

Final Words

Another option for an Al Hajar Cruise is to go on a traditional Al Hajar Cruise. This cruise is especially designed for tourists who wish to experience traditional Arabic culture and traditions. The ship sails to different ports of call throughout the Gulf, where you will be able to interact with the locals and enjoy a number of traditional Arabic dishes. After a comfortable journey, you will return to Dubai and enjoy a relaxing night in the casinos before retiring to a suitable room for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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