Things That Make Dubai Expensive

is dubai expensive

When it comes to traveling, Dubai is one of the most popular destinations around the world. With so many sights, sounds and tastes to explore, it is easy to see why so many people choose to spend their vacations in this wonderful part of the Middle East. But is Dubai expensive? This can be a valid question, especially if you are planning to fly into Dubai and stay for a while. Before booking your flight, you should take a closer look at the cost of your hotel or other accommodation options in Dubai and compare them to what you would pay in any other part of the world.

One thing that is not always easy to gauge is the cost of airfare. When looking up airfare costs in the internet or on local travel agents, it can often be difficult to compare them side by side, especially when comparing to other major cities. This is because airfare in Dubai is generally much cheaper than in many other cities. So while looking up airfare costs, you may want to compare the prices of flights to Dubai in two major cities. The cheap flight to Dubai may be considerably more than the more expensive flight to Manila, for example.

Eating out in Dubai is usually not expensive, but you will find that you do have to make some adjustments. There is a strong local culture in Dubai, which means that there are many restaurants and eateries that cater mainly to locals. You will also find that meals are served table side, with your plate sitting between the plates of the native inhabitants. While this can be more convenient than eating at a table in a fancy restaurant, it can still be expensive.

If you want to eat out in Dubai, you are going to have to eat at more expensive restaurants. However, this is offset by the fact that the restaurants in Dubai serve food from around the world, using locally grown ingredients whenever possible. The quality of the food can vary depending on where the restaurants are located. For example, you will find many smaller restaurants in Dubai that serve English food and an exclusive variety of it. In Arab nations such as Egypt and Pakistan, the local cuisine is quite varied, but it is typically less tasty than that available in Dubai.

If you eat out in Dubai, it is generally worthwhile to order food online rather than eating in the more expensive restaurants. Ordering online will enable you to save money on meals rather than eating out every evening. The same goes for alcohol. While alcohol can be purchased at most bars in Dubai, it is usually sold at very expensive prices.

Some of the cheapest alcoholic drinks are sold at kiosks. However, these are only found in certain areas of Dubai. If you drink alcohol in Dubai, it is often acceptable to buy a bottle from a vendor at the bar. If you want a cheaper bottle of alcohol, or even single cans, then you can buy them from restaurants and hotels. However, it is not permissible for married couples to drink alcohol together in some of the Arab nations such as Egypt and Pakistan.

Last Words

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If you do not visit Dubai often, it would be a mistake to assume that everything is expensive. You would find that the culture, entertainment, dining and shopping here are all excellent. However, the high cost of living would keep most of the foreign tourists from venturing to the less expensive areas of Dubai. When you consider that you can save money by staying at a guest house or buying local products, you will realize that the expensive food and tourist destinations are really not that necessary in Dubai.

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