Top 3 Safari Dubai Tour Packages

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Dune Drive is an exciting spot to drive your car through an ancient desert landscape. The Dubai Desert Safari is a special activity for the whole family. A Land Rover climbs up gently on sand dunes with a view of the Arabian sea. Then, the slope slopes down & gradually descends till it hits the hard ground & you are soon on your way in the deep Arabian desert safari, where you will enjoy the walk in the soft sand for a truly extraordinary experience. Dubai’s Dune Drive is best for kids.

The spectacular Dune Road will take you to an area which is popular with tourists and local people alike; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. The Dune road is made up of a number of different sand dunes. The sand dune, which starts at Dusit and continues to the Al Quoz area has become quite popular among tourists since it offers some great activities.

The drive through the Sand dunes is very exciting, with tourists coming from all over the world who come to Dubai to experience the Dune Safari in Dubai. Visitors to Dubai come to this region to experience the fun, adventure & relaxation which can be experienced by taking a trip through the sand dune. There is an array of fun activities you can have along the Dune Road, which is sure to leave you with memories that you will never forget.

Dune Of Dreams 

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This sand dune has been named as the “Dune of Dreams” because of the many images it has in store. The picturesque Dune road begins from Dusit at Dusit Beach. The sand dune has many different levels; the upper part has some excellent restaurants, cafes, water sports and is known for being a favourite for locals and tourists alike. It is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies, promenades, picnics and other events.

This Sand dune is located at Al Quoz, and is another popular tourist attraction. Al Quoz is known for its restaurants, shopping malls, bars and shopping boutiques. The sand dune is also a great place to relax with family, friends and have a picnic.

AI Tuba Dune Road

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The Al Tuba Dune Road is the longest sand dune in the region. It takes you around the perimeter of the city on a scenic drive through a wide sandy road, providing a spectacular view of the Arabian sea. This road provides a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and Dubai. You will also find a few interesting shops and restaurants along the way.

The Al Fakhoor Sand Dune takes you through the heart of the city and is also very popular among tourists. The sand dune is very popular among locals. You can spend the day enjoying the desert sunbathing in one of the sand dune restaurants or walk through the sandy roads. The Al Fakhoor Sand Dune has restaurants, bars and many shops along its length. Al Khawal Market is a good place to visit if you are looking for souvenirs and items for souvenirs.

Water Sports & Activities 

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Al Jumeriah Beach offers many water sports and other water activities. There is no doubt about the beach and the beautiful surroundings are second to none. The beaches at Jumeriah Beach are extremely popular with families and the beachfront hotels that line the beach provide an excellent location for relaxing and lounging. The beachfront hotels are located close to the beach and provide a great location for resting and relaxing after a long day of activity. A day at Jumeriah Beach is perfect for family holidays.

Jumeriah Beach has some interesting sand dunes which offer some great views of the Arabian Sea and are ideal for bird watching. There are several water sports and water activities that you can enjoy on this sandy dune. The best time to visit this beach is between mid-September and late November.

Tourist Attractions 

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The Dunes at Al Tuba Dune is another popular tourist attraction. It is a large sand dune located at the centre of Jumeriah Beach and it is also known as the Dune Road. It is situated near the beachfront, opposite to the hotel. It is the longest sand dune in the area.

Jumeriah is home to a number of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. 

Wrapping Up 

Some of the restaurants in Jumeriah Beach are known for their cuisine and offer you an excellent dining experience, whilst others are known for their traditional cuisine. Jumeriah Beach is ideal for families and couples who want to spend some quality time together.

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