Top Dubai Travel Jobs

Getting Travel Insurance in Dubai

Do you know the specifications and salaries of Dubai travel jobs? The best and easy tasks will enable you to do what you love and make an income without being restricted to a specific location. Unfortunately, most people cannot resign from their regular jobs and mostly get off only two weeks a year. However, the travel job provides numerous opportunities making you can earn a handsome salary during a world tour.

Notably, it doesn’t matter if it is a location-independent, or a remote-landing job, finding the opportunity brings more options. It will rely on skill-set, preferences, and your type of travel. Let’s try to explain this further.

Top Dubai Travel Jobs
Top Dubai Travel Jobs

Best Dubai Travel Jobs

The traveler should start with a long-term plan in their mind, and eventually, will walk on the right path. Therefore, job type identification should align with your aim. Suppose, you reside in some foreign country and you are craving for a job, you can get jobs giving guidance to visitors who are new to the place. Some of such jobs are discussed below.

Travel Blogger

If becoming a travel blogger is your dream job, you can quickly get $30,000/month writing about your adventures. You will find the web occupied with thousands of blogs, most of them being about travel adventures. Consequently, putting posts with photos and itineraries is something you will like. Don’t forget bloggers usually give up quickly, so be consistent via generating or building connections like guest-posting.

Travel Freelancer Writer

If you know the art of playing with words and weaving new and exciting stories, this travel job in Dubai is the perfect one. You can pick whether you like to contribute as a book author or ghost-writer of guidebooks, tourism, and magazines. You can easily earn $1.0/word.

Top Dubai Travel Jobs
Top Dubai Travel Jobs

Travel Tour Guide

Do you hold extensive knowledge and experience of a tourist destination? If yes, you can become a travel tour guide. It is an excellent way to meet new people in Dubai and get paid for it.

Notably, with substantial experience of at least three years, you will be allowed to get a guide license from ITMI.

Travel Agent

If you hate cheap tickets, hunting for accommodation, and complex arrangements, you can become a travel agent. You can be hired by an organization that might include transportation, lodging, etc. However, you should have in-depth knowledge of destinations.

Dubai Travel Jobs Details

Is there anything like minimum wage? No, minimum payments in Dubai are not under Federal Labor Law provision. In the contract, the basic salary will be negotiated and regarded as end-of-service pay. SMEs offer wages as per the relative position, such as small business secretary within the expected range.


The employee’s compensation package includes basic salary, annual paid leave, government medical insurance, gratuity pay, and return flight at contract end.

You can receive some additional perks which you should not feel afraid to ask for. The employee at Dubai receives a gratuity pay not exceeding two years. Consequently, this means you get AED 240,000 as pay if you are 25 years old. 

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