Travel to Dubai From Nigeria – The Benefits of an ETA

travel to dubai from nigeria

Are you planning to travel to Dubai from Nigeria? Well, this is actually a good decision if you are intending to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is a fascinating city in the United Arab Emirates, an alluring and glittering city. As an Indian, you will also be able to witness the sights, sounds and tastes of the Indian culture in Dubai. Here you will get to know more about the visa procedures involved in your travel to Dubai from Nigeria.

Prepare your Documents

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Before traveling to Dubai from Nigeria, you need to plan your trip and prepare all the necessary documents. You will have to apply for the visa and follow the procedure according to the type of visa you apply for. The procedure for tourist visa will last for 30 days maximum and the procedure for stay visa will last for 90 days maximum.

Tourist visa does not require re-entry. It is valid only for your first visit to the United Arab Emirates and you can apply for a tourist visa online. There is no fee for this service. You just have to provide your personal information including your passport number to the website. After submitting your application, it takes around six months for your passport to reach your home country.

If your country does not allow you to travel with your valid passport, then you need to get the visa before travelling to Dubai from Nigeria. You will have to apply for the visa online. You will have to pay the required fee for the visa and the processing will take around three months maximum. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of issue of visa. You will not be allowed to stay in Dubai during the time of the issue of the visa.

After submitting your visa, you will get a receipt. The processing will start after getting your receipt. You will have to return to your country within the time period specified in your visa and you will receive your visa upon completion of all the procedures. If you want to travel to Dubai from Nigeria, you will have to apply for the tourist visa online.

The processing of the visa will take around four to six weeks. It will only take around three months or if you are staying in Dubai, it will take around two weeks. You will not be able to stay in Dubai during the time of issue of the visa. You will have to leave the country when the process of tourist visa is over or you lose your visa.

The next procedure after getting the visa is to get the Nigerian Passport. When you get the passport, you will have to visit the Lagos port. You will have to stay there for one month. This is the reason why the number of flights from Nigeria to Dubai is very low during the time of issue of the visa.

After completing all the processes to travel to Dubai from Nigeria, you will be issued with your Nigerian International passport. You will be able to travel around the country using your Nigerian passport. You do not need to have a visa to stay in Dubai. You may need to have your passport renewed every year. The price of the international passport is about twenty-five dollars and it is valid for three months from the issue date.

Electronic Transfer

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There are many people who want to travel to Dubai from Nigeria. The number of visitors is increasing day by day. If you are one of those travellers, you can apply for an ETA (electronic transfer) from the UAE embassy or consulate in Lagos. This allows you to travel with your family members. It also saves time as it does not require a visa to stay in the country. The cost of the ETA is about twenty dollars and it is valid for a period of thirty days from issue date.

If you are travelling with your family members, you will have to pay for their visa and return ticket. The cost of the visa and return ticket depend on the type of visa that you applied for. Usually, the passengers who are travelling with their families are charged more. But if you are travelling for business purposes, you do not need to pay any extra money for the feeding expenses. You can also ask the agents about the visa and return ticket if you need this information.

Final Words

The visa processing times vary for different people. The processing time may be good for one person but may take more than thirty days for another person. Hence, you must check the visa processing timings before you leave for Nigeria. You can also check out websites of the Nigerian authorities where you will find the visa applications. When applying for a visa online, there is a possibility that you may receive an e visa instead of a permanent visa which would help in saving time as well as money.

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