You Should Know This About Gay Travel Dubai

gay travel dubai

Being gay is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, and the country is known for its ultra-conservative views on just about everything. Public displays of affection are a big no-no (whether you’re gay or straight), and homosexual activity can lead to the death penalty. The UAE also has stringent restrictions on clothing, alcohol, and sex outside of marriage. Despite these minor setbacks, Dubai has always been high on the to-do list of gay people.

Is Dubai A Favourable Place For Gay?

The UAE law on sex between people of the same sex is ambiguous, and it can be interpreted that the legislation covers only cases of forced sex; it is also possible to understand it as applicable to cases of consensual sex. Explicitly, the law condemns only adultery, even if homosexual, to the death penalty, but gay tourists were arrested for showing signs of affection in public. Despite this, some Emirates regions, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have their legislation on the subject and condemn consensual sex between people of the same gender. In Dubai, the penalty is 14 years of detention, while in Abu Dhabi, the maximum time of imprisonment is ten years.

The Sofitel Dubai Palm Resort And Spa

A body of water

Sofitel has a numerous selection of outstanding services for its clients, precisely as you might hope from the highest level Dubai hotel. Six foreign cafes and four bars are great for guests of Dubai’s sublime cuisine. The children would enjoy the thrilling wellness center and the baths. In case you have so much tension, one thing you should do is have some fun at the spa.

Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel Dubai

This hotel is conveniently situated in Barsha Heights of Dubai. It’s not far from Dubai Internet City Metro Station. This luxurious hotel features 237 suites, an executive stage, a rooftop pool, spa, and health club, with Mediterranean and Thai cafes offering guests a foreign culinary experience in the center of town.

The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

The LGBTQ group would enjoy Dubai’s Hilton Jumeirah, the first gay hotel in the world. The chic hotel is located right across the turquoise waters and white sands in Marina. The Hilton Jumeirah complex represents Dubai’s glitz and glamour, and luxury. The resort is situated on this stunning secluded cove. This hotel’s highlight is its rooftop bar named the Sky Lounge, which offers some of the best sundowners cocktails available in the area.

Last One: Aloft Me’Aisam

Aloft Maysam is an eco-friendly and smart hotel that’s perfect for young LGBTQ travelers. It’s an excellent choice for those searching for housing choices that they can manage without compromising so much in terms of convenience. So, that being said, the hip and sassy Aloft had come up with some fantastic services and spaces for its guests. WXYZ lounge is the best place to hang out in the area. Also, the hotel has a range of restaurants and spas open to visitors. Besides, a sun-kissed pool and deck provide the perfect way to rest and observe.

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